If Only Someone Would Start A Blog Dedicated To The Butter Lamb

I’m the one with the butter lamb fetish but my daughter follows all things lamb cake. Looking for inspiration for her annual effort, I suppose. Check this out:  Mary had a little lamb, with icing white as snow.

Some of them are so gruesome they are making me choke with laughter. It’s hard to pick a favorite but if I had to, I’d say it’s this one:

How appropriate for this time of year! It looks more like a Macy’s Parade float than a cake, doesn’t it? I don’t know which decorative element I like more – the gum drop bell or the HoHo legs. I see they were going for livestock realism by making a nose out of sideways M&Ms.

The wide range of facial stylings and the creative implementation of the decorator’s vision is killing me. Some are missing a nose or mouth and a few unfortunates have no features at all. Some give the overall impression of being a dog or a goat rather than a lamb but really you should take a look at them all.

4 thoughts on “If Only Someone Would Start A Blog Dedicated To The Butter Lamb”

  1. the one with the bloodshot eyes is cut in half in the larger picture, so the distress it is showing could traumatize a child for life! Gotta love it!!

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