I Can Bring Home the Raisins Bake Em Up In A Pan

Who says women can’t have it all? Helen Reddy was right.

I did my test run with the mini pie pan while I was doing my mandatory compliance training online. All of the housewife plus all of the executive business woman. Sort of a Madonna/Corporate Whore thing.

It was love at first pie.

It’s a good thing I made a test run with this thing. Like any other new piece of equipment, it needs some getting used to. I made the 2 cherry minis first and forgot that I have a tendency to overfill the pie shells. Their bloody overflow make them  look more like Halloween pies than Thanksgiving pies. For as heart-wrenchingly cute as they looked when they came out of the oven – gore expulsion and all – that’s how devastating it is to see them all collapsed upon themselves in empty ruin. I used canned filling and maybe that is the problem. You how the goo-to-cherry ratio is all out of proportion in canned filling. Too much goo.

The 3 raisins testers, on the other hand, are much closer to what I imagined they would be. Although raisins do have their own stealth manner of making their presence known. Note  the sneaky from-under-the-crust-top leakage on the far right. Raisins are more sophisticated than their cherry brethren.

Anyway, presentation is everything so I’m sure by the time I’m done with the little paper doilies and the soft whipped cream dollop on top, they’ll be looking good enough for the holiday table.

And now I move on to scooping out the insides of baby brussels sprouts and filling them with deviled ham. I’m all about the minis this year.


8 thoughts on “I Can Bring Home the Raisins Bake Em Up In A Pan

    • If i could scope a ticket to fly to your state, find a car to rent to drive to your home, I would be there tomorrow begging to sit at your dinner table.

      I found out that my Thanksgiving dinner hostess has already made “her” pies; frozen pies right out of the supermarket. Those cardboard crusts, pathetic and tasteless fillings are a crime against bakers everywhere and should be banned.

      I might write to Michelle and ask her to force the frozen pie makers to cease and desist. I’m desperate.

  1. I’m in the not-liking-raisins camp and the cherry pies look yummy to me. We’re having cherry-rhubarb this year which is a waste of good cherries from my point of view, but I just do what I’m told.

  2. Canned cherry filling is most likely almost all high fructose corn syrup and we all know about the evil plot on the part of the corn farmers to promote obesity, clog our arteries and otherwise make us less than ideal citizens in the Great March Forward.

    The White House suggests you plant your own cherry trees, use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers (plucking off the bugs is great exercise!) and use only the cherries you harvest yourself. Bake the pies and contribute them to a government licensed homeless shelter – there will be plenty in a few years.

    Your use of canned filling leads us to doubt your commitment to Our Glorious Future. Be forewarned…

    And Happy Thanksgiving!

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