I’m Too Busy For Monday

… because I am all about pie this week. We’re dinner guests this year for Thanksgiving and we’re bringing the pies (and stuffed grape leaves). The pies are consuming my every waking moment because I have big plans for those little pies.

How did I do this when I had to make the entire dinner? I can’t remember because I always followed a strict pre-arranged plan, but of course there was this terrible incident that ruined that.

By the way, does anyone remember where my leaf shaped pie crust  cutters are? They are crucial crucial I tell you to my plan and I can’t find them.

3 thoughts on “I’m Too Busy For Monday”

  1. Goodness, chill out a bit. Your pies will be fabulous, everyone will ooh and ahhh then gobble every bit. Confidence girl.

    If you can’t find the leaf cutters, then consider them “so last year” and go with miniature stars. Confidence is the word.

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