This Question Sounds Ridiculous When I See It Written Down Here

Question: Which do you prefer – pie filling or pie crust?

I’m serious. We’re going to be a pitifully small party of 5 for Thanksgiving this year. Somebody already ordered a giant pumpkin pie. However, I finally have a raisin-lover in my orbit (the new DIL) and I am not going to miss the chance to make my beloved Martha Stewart Double Raisin Pie. And if I’m making pie, I’m certainly going to make one of my favorites – cherry pie.

Boy, that’s a lot of pie. Especially for a bunch of people that will go back on their diets on Friday and one or two diabetics sprinkled in. So I was thinking of buying this mini pie pan and making 2 raisin and two cherry minis. that seems so reasonable.

I have a coupon!

BUT … if you tell me that a lot of crust is the thing that thrills, then I guess I’d go with two regular-sized pies. Or I guess I could go with the 9-Inch Split Decision Pie Pan but if there’s a sudden rush on raisin pie and there wasn’t enough to go around, then I’d get the heat for that.

10 thoughts on “This Question Sounds Ridiculous When I See It Written Down Here”

  1. Crust is the vehicle that transports the filling to the mouth. As a child I didn’t even eat the crust, just scooped the filling out. Unless the crust is beyond yummy the attraction is the filling.

  2. Most pie crust is a flavorless abomination. Even the smallest amount is too much. And then there is the filling which can be not enough in proportion to the crust. I love double raisin pie. I wish I was YOUR new DIL. But, here is how you solve your pie crust issue: make short crusts. Those are delicious, sweet and buttery crusts. They are sublime. You can also spare yourself the problem of pie dough overload by blind baking the crusts just little bit before you fill them.

  3. Pie filling gets my vote (if the pie crust doesn’t steal it, that is, and claim it won Ohio and Florida). Not a fan of pie crust, period. I just eat pie filling, whatever it is, and leave the crust on the plate. I really like your mini idea, 2 cherry and 2 raisin, but don’t the little pies give you MORE crust per serving?

  4. We only have 6 this year… Crust, buttery – flaky – with just a smathering of filling 🙂 Somebody has to be a contraryian, How is the Steads?

  5. Oh, my, the crust haters. Filling is just an excuse to enjoy crust. Oh, skip the filling and eat that delicious confection we just call pin wheels. Sort of like ragulach in look, but simple. Crust, butter, cinnomon and sugar. Roll it up, slice into cookie size pieces, bake and swoon.

  6. Ahhh! The quadruple mini-pie baker fills the bill for those with a yen for specialized baking equipment AND enables one to produce multiple fruit and the lovely pot pies as well! Just trying to tie it all together.

  7. Pie-crust, schmie crust… It’s just something that’s designed to hold the filling in place.

    Unless it’s a crust made of graham crackers (or, better yet, ginger snaps!), in which case it’s not so much a “pie crust”, as “crumbled up cookies underneath some delicious pie filling”.

    That being said… making the smaller pies will be the best of both worlds. You’ll have a multitude of pie choices, and (I think) the crust-to-filling ratio will actually be higher.

    Either way, Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I’m a crust person. Especially the crunchy part around the outside of the pie. My granddaughter had a piece of pumpkin pie last night (which I don’t like) and left that little bit of outside crust. I finished it for her.

  9. What Janaogletree said. The mini pies are actually going to increase the crust-to-fillling ratio.

    For me, you can’t have one without the other. A good crust complements the filling, rather than just holding it. It balances the sweetness (or savoriness) of the filling, and makes for a more delicious experience all around.

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