Slowly Coming Around

Truth be told, I had to take to my bed for a day after the election. I’m slowly coming back around. America, this America of low initiative, reduced morals, ridicule and condescension is where we live now. Last night I was killing time by watching Two Broke Girls on TV. One of the roommates walked into the bathroom and surprised the other one, who was busy masturbating with the shower head. Much was made of that, and the references to it continues for several minutes. Who do I complain to about this? Is there anyone else who thinks this contributes to the diminishment of society? Or is this a symptoms of the diminishment that has already happened?

The barn door is hanging open, isn’t it?

I turn for inspiration to Dorothy Parker, a wise-cracking hard case who I think would have understood me if we lived at the same time. Sorry for this alteration of your work, Dorothy but the underlying sentiment is the same for both of us.

Canada bores you;

England is damp;

Singapore canes you;

Mexico – uh oh! cramp!

Gaza isn’t lawful;

Austria is gray;

France smells awful;

You might as well stay.

8 thoughts on “Slowly Coming Around”

  1. I just don’t watch those “millennials” tv shows, or much on network tv in general. The ads for those shows is often more than I can take. I don’t consider myself a prude even though as a child I was taught a lady didn’t chew gum or smoke in public and wore hosiery when venturing into public. I feel sorry for young girls today.

  2. Suzette, you are our Dorothy P with some Colette thrown in. Dottie’s heyday was the 1920s and 30s, therefore she was fixated on men and alcohol, and missed the whole cooking/gardening part of being a woman. SO happy you are OK and back!

  3. Don’t kid yourself, Ms. Parker’s heavenly rest is marred by only one regret, “Born too soon–I coulda been Cripes Suzette!”

    As to this sorry state of re-election affairs: Rather than assume all is lost, like my heart says it is, I think we’ve got to sit tight for awhile and wait for the other shoe(s) to drop. It may have been better for the whole Obama bunch if they lost. I bet MO wishes- or will wish- the last entry you found in her diary really had come true.

  4. Regarding the new America run by hipsters and their sympathizers with their attendant beliefs, I always remember that youth and innocence are always overcome by age and guile.

    Plus gin.

  5. I’m still on the ledge, but I’ve come out of the fetal position. The verse helps.

    I think what is so unnerving about the new obscene is that it’s so ugly and base. It was sort of wink wink naughty which had it’s problems but now it’s just ugly, rude, crude, done for the ick effect. I’m really sick of icky and crude.

  6. How Obama steals elections, Chicago-style. One wonders what he will do now that the one thing he is good at is no longer possible?

    Don’t despair. I won my election and the Republicans is this town built up such a plurality that we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat at the county level as well. The GOP actually gained ground at all levels except nationally, gaining governorships and control of state legislatures.

    The real battle for America over the next 4 years will be at the judicial level, not the legislative. Liberal mischief most often occurs in the Federal Courts.

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