The president is returning to the capital Monday to, quote, “monitor the preparations for an early response”

What a relief! The president is monitoring the hurricane. All those tree removal trucks and out of state power company trucks that I saw on the interstates this weekend could have stayed home with their feet up if they knew this! Rest easy, New Jersey, as Hurricane Sandy makes landfall right over your poor dumb head. The president is vigilantly monitoring the storm on your behalf. If you are a business owned by a Democrat. The rest of you are out of luck.

When a big storm is coming, it’s not a good thing to dwell on the news. Last week I was in Denver for 2 potentially significant snowfalls. The second was due to hit on the morning I was to fly home. The prediction early in the week was for 4-8 inches and my flight was very early so I got room service dinner and watched the local news to see if my plans were going to be impacted. They teased out the snowfall amount for the entire hour and kept saying “find put how  much snow we’re getting in just a moment”. They gave every other statistic, interviewed the entire male population of Colorado standing in front of plows, recalled previous snow storms but never said how much snow was coming. (p.s. it was “no snow”. That’s how much snow was on the ground the next morning.)

men at work monitoring the leaves in the street

Sami is outside decked head to toe in yellow rubber. The man loves a task-appropriate costume. He’s got Dickie coveralls dedicated to car fixing,  a twill pair dedicated to yard work, a short green rubber jacket for quick runs out in the rain and this stunning two-piece in canary yellow for hurricane prep.

The street is already full of fallen leaves and it won’t be long until the gusting winds knock the rest down. Then they’ll all float downhill towards the storm drain which will be blocked, clogged and useless for any actual drainage and then we’ll have water coming at us from an entirely new direction. We’re sharing a generator with the family next door on an alternating 30 minute schedule so I think we can keep the sump pump going to it’s maximum ability but who knows how long it can keep up with an already pressurized underground dam and an historic hurricane water dump?

We have plenty of hurricane-smart food and water and wine, a bathub full of flushing water and a closet full of  baby wipes. Sami’s got lanterns and radios standing by with fresh batteries and I have two unread LBJ books three if I find my birthday book and an itty bitty book light.

12 thoughts on “The president is returning to the capital Monday to, quote, “monitor the preparations for an early response””

  1. Stay safe ! We’re on the Virginia coast on our third day of wind and rain, the damn #sandything is moving so slowly so we’ll be on the edge of it until Weds. when it’s over Toronto or somewhere.

    Our husbands must’ve been separated at birth with the matching rubber suits and finding more reasons to go outside. We have a little pontoon boat that’s been bobbing around, well, like a fishing bobber, so he HAS to go tighten the ropes about every 20 minutes so he can bring fresh drips back into the kitchen after I mop up the last ones 😉

    I’m thrilled Obama’s back to keep us safe /snork. Can’t believe he flew out last night, cancel his event, then fly back. Doesn’t he WATCH the Weather Channel and the Chris Christie pressers ? I saw on twitter that the press charter was left behind this a.m. because the pilots’ thought it was too dangerous to fly into DC.

    That’s our Preezy ! God help us in 8 days 🙂

  2. Good luck through the storm, my friend.

    You know, there’s another chronic crisis that Obama must’ve solved on the golf course – the homeless. Apparently throughout the entire Great Recession, no one’s living on steam grates any more. At least none the MSM are showcasing.

  3. Be careful, stay warm and dry.
    The only things that MrObama is “monitoring” are his polling results and ESPN.
    We’re on our own when it comes to Mother Nature. I’m glad you’re prepared and give the yellow suited man a kiss for being protective of you and your home in the face of trouble.

  4. I’ve been watching the radar. It looks as though D.C. will get a flushing, but probably not enough to wash the crap away. Oh well.

  5. I’m so glad you made preparations and have a plan. This puts you light years ahead of Obama. Pity the people depending on him and his plan. We’ve seen how well that works.
    Sami is a treasure and so are you.

  6. Guessing you have no power. I pray that all is well with you and your family.
    Out here in fly-over country we’re all praying for the victims of Sandy, we wish we could help, give you a warm blanket, a hot meal, a shower with clean clothes.

  7. It breaks my heart to read your twitter remarks today. God bless you, you feisty Jersey Girl! Please find nourishment in the prayers and well wishes of all those who love you and care about you and your family. I believe we will all be crying tears of joy soon.

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