Who would Jesus vote for? A Sunday service-skipping World Famous Fashion Icon and  Too Busy To Be A Mom™ campaigner?

“Obama, Malia, Sasha, Chicago godmother Kaye Wilson attend church Sunday”  Barack Obama, Malaria and Sausage attended church Sunday morning along with Kaye Wilson, who the girls have known forever since she is their “godmother” from Chicago. Michelle Obama, who is flying to Chicago Sunday to get ahead of Hurricane Sandy–so she can make her Iowa Monday stop–was not with them because she was getting ready to leave early for her trip, the White House said.] 


  • Both girls have the same “godmother”?
  • Or even have a “godmother” at all?
  • Why has this “godmother” not been taking them to church for the last 4 years?
  • Is this a recently minted “godmother” for campaign purposes?]
72-Inch Me and Pinch Me went for a walk …

(Enjoy your borderline-appropriate grip sessions while ye may, Show Ponies. After November 6th, your services will no longer be needed.)

Or a modest doer of good works?

“Leadership: Romney campaign using Romney bus for East Coast storm relief efforts” Team Romney announced that the campaign bus will be used to help with storm relief efforts on the East Coast, as Hurricane Sandy bears down. Romney campaign will load storm relief supplies into Romney bus in Arlington Va today an will collect supplies at all VA victory offices.

Leading from the front. Now that’s a change.

DC insiders say that Joey “The Hyena” Biden relies on a crew of moles, spies and eavesdroppers to try and keep one step ahead of the opposing campaign. When his intelligence you should excuse the expression informed him that someone was offering  “free Weiner rides”, he assumed that Paul Ryan would be commandeering the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile to assist hurricane victims. The silver-plugged VP proposed opening up his private car on Amtrak to all displaced biker chicks he met on the campaign trail this year. Fortunately, White House staffers were able to head off this copy-cat publicity stunt when it was discovered that the true source of the offer was Huma’s husband, in town for the weekend and armed with a new iPhone 5.

9 thoughts on “WWJVF?”

  1. The polls are beginning to show a Romney lead outside the limits of statistical error. The plaintive emails I get to one of my alter-ego accounts from the O/B campaign are showing distinct signs of panic. The MSM is beginning to wonder if they backed the wrong horse. (Hearing Chris Matthews actually argue with Debby Watzername Schultz was a revelation.)

    Add to this the effects of Hurricane/Nor’easter/Frankenstorm Sandy. Sandy will be battering the urban, blue state Northeast through tomorrow at the earliest and will most likely have long lasting effects on infrastructure and power, inevitably reducing the voter turnout in what is a very liberal Democratic region.

    Add to the pleasure of a Romney victory will be the following 3 months of petulant Obama family behavior, a clan not exactly known for its graciousness.

    Stay safe over the next few days!

    1. We just think Jimmah Carter is an obnoxious, America bashing little canker as he tries to whitewash his awful legacy. Obama is destined to be the first potus named Secretary General of the UN where he will impose more worthless bullshit from on high.

  2. “Godmother” Kaye Wilson is Marian Robinson’s best friend from Chicago (maybe even the one who got her into Santeria?). She is the morbidly obese “mystery woman” who has showed up along for the ride on several of their major “family trips” – I think Africa was one. She usually goes where Marian goes.

    1. I also believe that Kaye Wilson was the godmother responsible for Mooch’e “everything but the kitchen sink” chocolate chip cookies, entered in one of those absurd bakeoffs between her and Ann Romney. Ann Romney’s cookies were her own and loaded with healthy stuff like oatmeal. I never heard who won, but imagine Mooch ate all of the entries at one sitting.

      1. For her long friendship with the Obamas, 65-year-old Kaye Wilson has been lavished with invitations to state dinners, Camp David and trips aboard Air Force One.

        But the Olympia Fields woman — “Mama Kaye” to the president and other friends — is one of the least known people in his inner circle and seems to like it that way.

        Her ties to the Obama family are many, and in some cases, uniquely hers.

        She’s godmother to daughters Malia, 12, and Sasha, 9.

        She’s close to first lady Michelle Obama and her live-in mother, Marian Robinson.

        She has gotten a shout-out from President Barack Obama for organizing prayer circles for him.

        Her husband, retired educator Wellington Wilson, has golfed with Obama. He’s “Papa Wellington,” even to the president.

        More here, along with her photo with Marian:



  3. Yikes. This story gets better (re Mama Kaye):

    In a 2009 Tribune interview, he said a daughter of theirs went to high school with Michelle Obama. Recently he noted that his wife met Barack Obama through an anti-poverty group, the Woods Fund of Chicago. She worked there from 1994 to 1997, coinciding with Obama’s service on its board.

    By 1999, then-state Sen. Obama presented Kennedy-King College with a $500,000 grant to inaugurate a program for training students in fields such as nursing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the college said. He was back a year later with $400,000 in state dollars for the program.

    Barnacles. Along for a whoopy ride.

    1. “Papa Wellington” was president of Kennedy-Kings College until he retired in 2003. Obie laid federal money on his school in two instalments.

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