Crumbling Apart

The time:

The morning after.

The scene:

He’s outside on a chilly Saturday doing the manly work of taking apart a rotting wheelbarrow for “spare parts”. She’s inside doing womanly battle with a particularly uncooperative pâte brisée.

The action:

He: [enters kitchen] “Oh, is that your way of apologizing for screeching at me?”

She: [sliding the apple turnovers into the oven]: “Get! Out!”

… to be continued


6 thoughts on “Crumbling Apart

  1. There have been studies done on prisoners who were put in super-max solitary developing mental issues. With only one hour a day outside their cells and little to no human contact, they became paranoid, abusive, and delusional.

    I suggest a long weekend at a popular resort, a complete change of activity and if that’s not possible, a lovely cup of tea with a ‘drop’ of Jack.

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