I Blame The Botox

I credit my extensive study of Bravo’s  Real Housewives franchises and Watch What Happens Live on HD TV for giving me the background to say that  while whoever did the most recent Botox injections on America’s Uncle Joe was aiming for a natural look, they missed the mark just a little.

game face plus a touch of strabismus

I’m thinking his forehead was done about three weeks ago to allow movement last night but his cheeks were filled more recently and it wasn’t a good job. Whoever did it probably was careful to use the same amount on both sides but forgot to take into consideration the lopsided mouth movements that are his signature. That’s why he’s got the Little Eye – when he pulls his mouth to the right, the filler rides up and pushed up his lower eyelid.

It’s too depressing to think that anyone who votes for Obama is also voting that this sad figure of a person who is one heartbeat or one nervous breakdown, as the case may be, from the presidency. You look at a photo of him standing next to pretty little Dr. Jill at a reception they’re hosting at the Naval observatory or maybe posing in a barn jacket showing off his new German Shepherd puppy and you think “Okay, there’s no harm in him. Maybe we’re not that bad off”, but as soon as he starts to bray the game’s over.

Imagine him in serious negotiation with [insert world leader’s name here].

Imagine him with his finger on the button.

8 thoughts on “I Blame The Botox”

  1. I didn’t look closely, but i’m thinking you’d see duct tape residue where they tape his fingers together when he’s off the camera. They have to. They can never allow him to have that option.

  2. I wonder how often they have to rotate his Secret Service detail. Maybe they reward them with 6 months with Dad Bush after shepherding Biden around.

  3. Buffoon elitist on the public teat for 40 years of elected office – Butt-in Biden.
    Yuk! Disrespect and arrogance for the American people!

    Ryan Won.

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

  4. I can’t even imagine him looking different. He’s looked like that for the past 40 years. Maybe the old face just can’t process anymore botox or embalmers wax.

  5. Finger on what button? He has an unplugged xbox controller in his jacket pocket. I’m surprised he didn’t brandish it at the debate and threaten to nuke the Prussian Empire if he didn’t get more time to answer questions.

  6. I guess the bottomline here is to limit the use of too much science in your body let’s just take him as an example, people are bashing him because he uses too much botox on his face which is not how you supposed to use it. I have a friend who undergo to the process of botox in Davis and she told me that she decided to undergo that procedure for therapeutic purposes. She said that her physician advises her to consult a dermatologist who performs botox operation to be able to help her out with her condition and it turns out to be good and so that’s the last and the first time she go through that process because her doctor advises her to.

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