Stating The Obvious

Headline: The Obama campaign asks women to vote with their ‘lady parts’. Can liberals get any cruder?

Quick Note: if my lady parts could pull a lever in a voting booth, I’m certain that I could also use them to secure my financial future by using them to manipulate any number of other things. Then it wouldn’t matter to me who won the election on November 6th.

7 thoughts on “Stating The Obvious”

  1. The revenues from an internet site would yield you a bazillion dollars. You could even be discreet and never show your face.

    The quandary would be what you’d put on your 1040 for occupation.

  2. Why not. I’m going to hang my Chad for Romney.

    My goodness, this handbasket would be a nice ride if it wasn’t getting so FUCKING hot. I fully expect to see video of Mitt eating live kittens on CBS and the eTrade baby claiming Ryan bit his neck on MSNBC. But it won’t matter. And I’m not going to bless the debates with my attention for that very reason.

    About 20 years ago we had a a grand dragon of the queue clucks clan in a runoff against a governor so corrupt he only just got out of prison. We voted in the crook because it was IMPORTANT but most of us gagged in the booth. The corollary now is that salvation may hinge on the kloset sheet wearers turning out. Ain’t that a helluva shame.

  3. It’s amazing the milage liberals get from genitalia. N matter how crudely or bizaarly used the one thing we must never do with them is be conventional and shut up about them.
    And Sandra et al keep screaming for conservatives to get out of their v jay jay’s. I’d be so happy If only we were allowed to never discuss them again. Or any of the confusion surrounding them such as LGBTABCDXYZ as well.

  4. Oh Suzette, if your lady parts could pull a lever, you wouldn’t need to manufacture anything to secure yourself an income.

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