Read This And You Will Be All Caught Up With Me

Yesterday I ate apple pie for breakfast and Chicken Kiev for dinner.

In between I pondered what exactly the leader of the free world meant when he said “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.

whatever happened to speaking truth to power?


8 thoughts on “Read This And You Will Be All Caught Up With Me

  1. I am ready to organize a takeover of a network. All we need is billions of dollars.

    Meanwhile, I find that I am being followed by an SEIU official on Twitter. I guess I will use that block mechanism.

  2. In two weeks or so, I’ll be getting an absentee ballot for the upcoming election as will thousands of others. I’m going to be very careful not to mark outside the box or to spill coffee on the ballot. I might even hold on to it and deliver the ballot to the voting place on election day, not trusting those postal workers who might not like the sign in my front yard.
    Plans for the future are good, gives focus and meaning to ‘tomorrow’.

  3. The concept of a neutral “journalism” was an aberration more than a tradition. From the very earliest days of the printing press the main output of “news” was actually opinion and propaganda.

    In the 19th/20th centuries, the reason every major city in America had multiple daily newspapers was political, not economic. When radio and broadcast TV came along, because they were Federally regulated, there was an attempt at neutrality for a few generations.

    What we have now is more typical than we realize. Caveat lector.

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