Sadly, “Fool Stamps” Does Not Have Its Own Website

The latest We’re Laughing On The Outside But Crying On The Inside internet sensation is the ObamaPhone lady who wants to “keep Obama in president”.

Interesting thing about that Obama  Phone – did you know it’s been a federal program since 1966 ? And not only is it this program known as Obama Phone but Obama Phone has its own website? I’m not even kidding!

One wonders if Bill Clinton knows that this provision of the legislation he signed in 1966 is now being promoted as “The Obama Phone”.

Dear Democrats,

We are eternally grateful to you that there is not yet any such thing as “The Weiner Phone”.

Yours truly, America

7 thoughts on “Sadly, “Fool Stamps” Does Not Have Its Own Website”

  1. This would explain how the panhandling woman at the Long Branch train station had a cell phone to use to call her friend and complain about me not giving her money. Given the absurdity of it, I knew the Democrats had to be involved somehow.

  2. I’m thinking the phones have a tracking device so they can round up the worst of the non-productive when the culling starts.

  3. Everything went sideways when people thought they needed to be ‘in touch’ 24/7 with their little phones. It was so much nicer when we all had ‘home phones’ and you could ignore the ring by muting it or just taking the phone off the hook. The thinking being….if it’s important, they’ll call back.

    Besides, while dear Suzette doesn’t want a ‘wiener phone’, we had so many other choices…a MickeyMouse phone, a French provincial phone, a football phone and so on. So many choices to decorate that table in the living room or hallway.
    We went to the movies and were not disturbed, nor were we called at the supermarket or driving down the road. And yet, life went on.
    People handled emergencies themselves, or called the police/firemen or drove themselves to the hospital.
    We never knew when our friends and family were eating dinner or what movie they were going to see and yet we all still loved each other.
    Photos of private parts were left to xxx magazines and we didn’t know who those people were.

    Progress, sigh, is a two edged sword.

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