A Flock Of Sheep A Swarm Of Ants A Toleration Of Bumps

My father hit a bump in the road when he fell backwards and banged the back of his skull on concrete. He died four days later.

A 30 year old dietitian that I worked with hit a bump in the road when her second total mastectomy failed to halt the cancer marching through her body.

My cousin hit a bump in the road when her drunken father shot her between the eyes with a hunting rifle.

My uncle hit a bump in the road when leukemia made it impossible for this blood to carry the oxygen he needed to keep on living.

My great aunt hit a bump in the road when her deranged son took an axe to her forehead.

My neighbor hit a bump in the road when the coal mine he was working in collapsed and crushed him.

72 Israeli athletes hit a bump in the road when they were taken hostage  from Munich’s Olympic Village and murdered by PLO operatives funded by Mahmoud Abbas.

Leon Klinghoffer hit a bump in the road when he was shot in his wheelchair on a cruise ship and then pushed overboard by Palestinian terrorists.

People on TWA Flight 800 hit 230 bumps all at once when the plane exploded and crashed into the sea minutes after takeoff from JFK.

3,000 Americans hit a televised bump in the road on September 11, 2001

Daniel Pearl hit a bump in the road when he was beheaded by a gang of Pakistanis with Al Qaeda connections.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens hit a bump in the road when he was dragged out of the US Embassy in Libya, tortured, murdered and his body was dragged through the streets of Benghazi.

America hit a bump in the road the day that Barack Hussein Obama took office as president of a  prosperous land populated by a free people.

“But I was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road because, you know, in a lot of these places the one organizing principle has been Islam.” — President Obama in an interview with “60 Minutes.”


26 thoughts on “A Flock Of Sheep A Swarm Of Ants A Toleration Of Bumps

  1. I understand that you don’t like the current administration, but I don’t understand why you’re *so* angry. It makes me sad that you’ve just implied that our president has ended the lives of everyone in the entire country. Don’t like him, that’s your right. Vote against him. Encourage others to vote elsewhere, that’s reasonable. We, as a country, as individuals, we are not dead.

    On another note that is in no way appropriate to attach on to my last statement – you had a great aunt that was a victim of axe murder?! By her son?!

    • The point I was trying to make is that Obama had trivialized the nature of the tragic events in the Mideast so I was comparing them to tragedies in my own life by similarly reclassifying them as “bumps in the road”.

      FYI – Tami is an internet acquaintance who became my real life friend. To say we have different viewpoints is to understate but she is always open for discussion rather than shut off by disdain.

      All of my tragic examples are true stories. The drunken uncle with the rifle is on my father’s side and the aunt with the axe is on my mother’s side, so I pretty much celebrate every day that I don’t bust out into genetically-caused familial mayhem.

      • Your point is clear. Your point is hammered into my head with several mallets. I just wondered why you went for such brutal imagery. I suppose that the distance that you need to maintain from humanity in order to make sweeping decisions about how to keep the most people alive, and never *all* the people alive is terrible enough to warrant it.

        Personally, I don’t think that “a road to peace in the middle east” exists, so talking about bumps in it seems absurd to me.

    • If you don’t understand why people are ENRAGED at ovomit and his entire commie, koranimal regime, well, I don’t understand why you are not.

      I know the only conclusion I can draw.

  2. I completely understand where your post is coming from. I myself have been so much more upset since the events this past 9/11 and the way the admin has been handling it. When times are really stressful I always try to find something to laugh at but these past 2 weeks and the 42 days still ahead are really tough. All we can do is hang on for our lives at this point! Something really GOOD has got to happen soon and Dear Lord please let it be on Nov 6th!
    Thank you Suzette:-) Keep On Keeping On!

  3. Wow, guess what, S? I googled “Cripes Suzette” and the autofill for the search field entered “Michelle Obama” in there right after the Cripes Suzette part. Weird? Kinda cool, though, if it means you are known far and wide and the bane of MO’s existence.

  4. Let me add my second to those who agree with Suzette. This past two weeks has felt like the first days of great shock and mourning for what used to be a country that would rise up in horrified defense of fellow countrymen murdered by terrorists. Your response is exactly what I feel. If what happened doesn’t rise to horrific in your mind you really need to think about it a little harder.

  5. The main point: Cowards attacked and murdered unarmed envoys and staff members. They didn’t attack warriors, or anyone that would have a chance in surviving.

    Personally, I’m furious. The trivial response to what I consider as an act of war by third world terrorists makes me even more furious. This won’t go away with words. If they can only understand violence, then we bring them violence and make them understand.

  6. During my life, I’ve hit those bumps in the road and sometimes fell flat on my face or got hurt so bad it took a long time to recover. The worse times were when I fell into an unexpected pothole.
    I understand that life isn’t fair, that sometimes the ‘good’ do die young and there is no understanding of ‘why’. It just is that way.

    However, a deliberate act of violence or hate is not a ‘bump’ in the road, it is a crime against all humanity.
    MrObama is a cold, slimy, little man.

  7. Well said, Suzette. I wonder what the response is from the families of the men killed in Benghazi to Obama’s “bump in the road”.

  8. Obama should be impeached and jailed for crimes against our country! Hell yes, people are angry, Tami!

    We’re angry that the quality of life has dropped precipitously in our country since he took office. The price of gas has doubled, the price of food continues to climb every day, college tuition continues to go up. He has poured US money into funding south and central American oil drilling but he won’t drill here.

    We’re angry that hundreds of Mexicans and at least one US border guard were murdered because of his and the DOJ’s ludicrously planned and badly executed Fast & Furious. His promised transparency?? Ha! No, he withheld evidence!

    We’re angry that he has violated the constitution numerous times! He has failed to protect American’s free speech, restricted our religious freedom, and brought division and fear of a caliber that has not existed here since WW2.

    We’re angry that he resists demands that he simply adequately perform the job of the Chief Executive, dodges all responsibility, blames others for his failures. In short, he is intentionally refusing to perform his job.

    Yeah, we’re angry and if you had an ounce of sense you would be too.

  9. Tami
    I’ll take Suzettet’s word that you are calm and reasonable. The answer to your question is that I feel very much like what is happening is causing our country to quite literally die. A violent death. The people may not all die, but the part of America that truly is exceptional is on its last legs. When it’s gone we’ll never get it back.

  10. Tami, you sound like my sister, except more reasonable since there is no sibling rivalry. My husband has been working in Africa in mining for the last 4 years. No work here due to depression in the coal industry. I pay attention to terrorism because he is only 2 countries south of Libya.

    At what point are we not supposed to be angry that the president and his officials have lied repeatedly to us for the last 10 days? Even though they KNEW the intelligence said it was a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda, they persisted in blaming a poor Coptic Christian who made a clumsy video, which no one knew about until our government repeatedly pointed it out. They even dragged the man in to the police station and photographed him to show the Muslims we were “cracking down.”

    What about the Muslim dead from these demonstrations caused by repeated emphasis on the video? And how do you think I feel with my husband overseas? I figure if our government won’t defend their ambassadors, how can I expect any help for my husband if something goes south in the country he is in?

    So yes, I am angry. I do not think President Obama even likes the people of this country. I don’t like being lied to. I don’t like how he has vulgarized the office. I don’t like Michelle telling my grandkids they have to eat sparse rations while her children at Sidwell Friends got pizza today.

    So I am on Suzanne’s side in this, and I appreciate her pointing out how the “bump in the road” statement was callous and insulting.

  11. I understand not liking the phrase. I do *not* understand the phrase sending people into a white-hot rage. I do not understand why people think that Obama was the first one to ever phrase it this way:


    If it’s terrible when Obama says it, then I maintain that it’s been terrible every time that anyone has ever said it when responding to loss of life. Fair enough?

    • Well, I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, the reason it’s so maddening is that the statement wasn’t made by a newspaper columnist, a blogger or a news reader on TV. It was made by the president of the United States – the person who is supposed to stand up for America and and for Americans overseas and make sure that we are protected from those who act with malice against us.

      We’re mad because we expect this president, like all others before him, to stand up and say in essence “Oh, no you don’t.” Not only did he not do that but he minimized what is now becoming clear was a preventable event by using this offensive understatement to describe it as something coincidental and barely worth notice.

      It is clear now that the WH did know in advance the attack on many embassies on 9/11 and the murder of an american ambassador among others was orchestrated terrorism when Obama made the “bump in the road” statement. It’s not enough his machinations, intentional or not, contributed greatly to the current chaos in the Mideast but that he then tried to make it and his subsequent lack of presence and leadership no big deal.

      I do not understand how anyone can even think to vote for him against their own self-preserving interest. Tami, the al qaeda flag is flying above American embassy buildings.

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