Nice Day For A Ride

Today I pried myself away from all of the left-over work tasks that I couldn’t get done during the week and went down to my favorite junk store to buy a fall wreath for the front door*. On the way back, I was behind a pack of people on shiny chromed up saddle-bagged motorcycles. Whenever I see a bunch like this, not matter how much leather they’re wearing or whatever crazy thing they have painted on the back of their jackets, I can’t help but think that they are off duty dentists instead of some wild bunch of misfits.

Drills Angels

I was wrong though. When we were all stuck at a crowded down-townish intersection waiting to move on, I got a good look at the women and they were a little rough looking. Unless this was a pack of dentists with toughie girl wives. I don’t know. But then something happened that irritated me.

All of a sudden, the bike at the left rear of the pack moved forward into the intersection and the toughie girl raised her hand to stop the cars. The other motorcycles started to ride slowly forward and I realized that they were “protecting” two adult male dorks on regular bicycles who were trying to cross the street. As soon as the adult male dorks were across, the toughie girl waved the traffic forward and the bikes roared away.

I found that very irritating. I don’t know why. The essence of it was a good thing – looking out for each other. A kindness. But there was something grating about it. Maybe the adult dorks didn’t want to be brothers with the toughies. Maybe the toughies, under other circumstances, would never approach let alone claim temporary kinship anyone outside of their immediate motorbiking circles. Maybe the toughies consider themselves to be do-gooders because of this act, repeated countless times for countless dorks on bikes.

The adult male dorks didn’t even appear to notice what was going on.

* I bought some cute jingly Christmas doorknob decorations  too.


11 thoughts on “Nice Day For A Ride

  1. After numerous interactions with people on the road on bicycles I have developed a near-pathological abhorrence for them. Especially large crowds of them participating in marathon races on mountain highways. I’d rather deal with genuine Hell’s Angels on the road. They, at least, know the rules of the road and follow them.
    Maybe the biker chick just got tired of the idiocy of the dorks and wanted them out of the way.

    What cute jingly things did you get. I’m still resisting the thought that summer is over. I need to start thinking ahead.

    • I got these wacky jingle bells. They don’t jingle as much as make a flat “tunk” sound. I love how they say JOY WISH PEACE on them. Maybe they were trying to convey BELIEVE and it came out as WISH or maybe it was something meaningful in Chinese before the translation.

      I like how they have a sort of dangerous metal/vintage noise maker look to them. I’m going to strap the onto a wrought iron banister underneath a fake but illuminated evergreen garland. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cheap junk. Especially cheap Christmas junk.

      • Now that I’ve been alerted to the need to think ahead I’ll start looking for things. Maybe wish is this years believe. It fits on the bell nicely as well.
        I just found out my 2 and 4 year old grandsons and parents will be with us for Christmas and that puts a whole new kick into it. So happy.

  2. There is a commercial for a lawyer’s group in Phoenix where they all ride motorcycles at the end, both sexes. No biker chicks on the back. Apropos of nothing.

    Looking forward to seeing your new purchases. I see in Walmart today, the Christmas trees are already put up and have twinkly lights. Soon it will come to actual Christmas in July.

  3. Big controversy on bicyclists here in Indianapolis. Our otherwise normal ex-Marine officer GOP mayor bowed to the latte set and got a grant to install bike lanes on major roads in the city. Now the bicyclists are acting like they have some sort of super powers, swooping in and out of traffic, smugly riding along with “I am virtuous because I exercise and don’t use carbon fuels” attitudes.

    The local radio guy had an open line call Friday and I bet half of the calls were people upset with bike riders. Seriously, this is really making people angry out here.

  4. Many bicyclists remind me of walking on a crowded Hongkong street (all streets in Hongkong are crowded). I was warned to never make eye contact with anyone coming toward me or I’d have to give way to them. No eye contact, they give way. Bicyclists seem to be the same way. If they pretend you’re not there, you’ll have to take care of them.

  5. My husband is a cyclist and so was my recently departed precious dad. Dad rode 300 mile races and passed his love of cycling on to me when I was just barely able to keep up with the group. One time it was so cold everyone else had to keep jumping off their bikes and to run alongside, just to keep their feet from getting numb. I was too little to keep up that way so I kept riding and they all cheered me on and made me feel like a hero. I’m pretty afraid to ride now because the cars are so aggressive toward cyclists.

    My husband has been hit by cars twice while riding his bike. Once we had a very scary trip to the ER that ended with him having his skull x-rayed. Another time the woman who hit him didn’t stop at a stop sign and he ended up on the roof of her car. He wasn’t injured but he had to replace his $300 carbon fiber wheel out of pocket because she lied to the insurance company and said it was his fault. He’s a very polite cyclist, he loves it and the exercise keeps him sane and fit.

    Please be kind to cyclists. They’re good people.

  6. The bikers you photo-ed are not gang members, but probably off-duty dentists as you thought. Real ‘bikers’ don’t ride the big ‘hogs’ as seen in the photo. They like the sportier models. IMO, anyhoo.

  7. When you and the above commenters say “real bikers”, do you mean “criminals that don’t have legal methods of earning money and terrorize local communities”?

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