Stedman’s First Report Card

We went to a sort-of-hippie wedding at a B&B in the Catskills this weekend. Stedman went to “a full service pet resort”. They gave him a report card:

We don’t really believe the part about “good listener”.

I guess he did so well at “running laps” and “chase me” because he was trying to avoid “wrestling”. Judging from the webcam pics they posted every day, he spent much of his time pressed against the wire fence or trying to slip away from the pack without being detected. Even though his report card says he made three friends, it looks like there was at least one dog there who was just as timid as Steddy.

Stedman goes in for the butt  sniff on the one animal on the planet who is more timid than he is.

All in all, he is tuckered out and doesn’t appear to be too traumatized. Although he did, for the first time ever, get himself into the car without waiting to be hoisted up.


7 thoughts on “Stedman’s First Report Card

  1. Well, if Stedman is like most dogs, he’s have sprouted wings, if he could, and flown into the window of your car at 40 mph after a weekend of feeling abandoned.

  2. Someone dear to me manages such a kennel for dogs. Don’t believe his ‘report’ card; it’s meant to impress you with how much your dog ‘loved’ being caged like a rabid raccoon, didn’t miss you at all, and ease your concern over leaving your beloved pet with strangers.
    They do take excellent physical care of your pet, feed him his regular food stuffs and do try to give some human care and petting.

    • Ditto. Because, obviously, “your dog acted out/pined in an aggressive / passive-aggressive effort to endure his imprisonment…” is a lousy way to generate repeat business.

      And don’t change the subject. More details on the hippie wedding, please.

  3. Dogs don’t like being uprooted and nothing is going to change that. The up side is, they are fairly adaptable after a while. Our fosters come in shaking but within 2 days are sleeping up against us and barking for treats.

  4. Sounds like a nice place to visit. I would probably like that.

    I’m with schmed. More news about the wedding. And pictures please. So far the only thing we’ve seen is the preacher man. Or whatever he was.

  5. I would like to see a similar service for teenage daughters. Except for the butt sniffing it has to be better than staying with a friend. So far our luck is pretty miserable with staying with a friend.
    I’d like to see her happily jump into the car when we return, relieved to be back in the family instead of cranky from staying up all night and playing all day.
    A hippy wedding would even be a relief.

  6. Our teenager only jumps up enthusiastically if he needs cash. Given his ability to monopolize a bathroom for long stretches of time I really don’t think we can leave him with anybody.But his big booming shower performance of selections from Mozart’s Don Giovanni that can be heard all over the house are quite amusing.

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