Bibi No. Habibi Yes

If there was ever a dire need for diplomacy, this week would top the list. The shut-out of Natanyaheu, the whole 9/11 thing, the unbelievable assaults on two US embassies, the Carteresque helplessness of the leader of the free world … but wait! Turns out he’s not just standing by letting world events swirl around him!

Breathe easy, America.  Our president is also the best foreign diplomat ever. After yesterday’s embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya*,  he reached out to our his Arab brothers just to be sure their religious feelings weren’t still hurt. And he did it by using the universally accepted gesture of peace-making: breaking bread. A platter of fresh pita was delivered late last night to be sure the right message was sent. No hard feelings, right guys?

the art of the hand written note

* unclear if this was before or after the deaths of 4 americans** was announced.

** the grounds of a U.S. Embassy  in a foreign country is U.S. soil, is it not? So, act of war?

5 thoughts on “Bibi No. Habibi Yes”

  1. You and I may consider it an act of war, but what counts is what our C-in-C thinks, and I am sure he’s convinced it was all just a big misunderstanding.

    After all, his predecessor-in-spirit, Jimmy Carter, did not declare war on Iran when the entire embassy was seized and the occupants held captive for months.

    After all, this is not a Reagan or a Bush administration (or even a Clinton) where such an act would be a cue to send in marines, SEALs, drones and assorted smart bombs. Expect winks and apologies all ’round.

  2. It’s despicable. Firing on embassies and diplomats? And the whole media can go straight to flaming hell in a fiery Chevy Volt for not asking any questions of the Campaigner in Chief… indeed, for forbidding such questions and scolding those who do ask.

  3. And the media had the nerve to jump all over Romney for his comments. How in-the-tank for Obamessiah can they be? Sickening. Dragging the ambassador through the streets was shades of Mogadishu.

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