Iconic Fashion

This is about fashion vs. style.

Here’s the thing about World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ (-in-Chief) Michelle Obama’s fashion choices. I find it amazing that whenever she puts on a high-profile outfit, there’s a run on the stores to buy it or a similar knock-off. She’s got fashion all right but what is her personal style?Aside from the obvious boob belts/arm pits/ shiny legs,  there are no unifying elements to her choices except ill-fitting, non-flattering too-young-or-her-age. That’s why you see the herd rushing out to buy specific pieces to emulate her look, but you don’t see people on the streets adopting her “style”. Where are the boob belts? Whither the tiny cardigans? God in his mercy has spared us a nation of bare arms and exposed pits.

Here’s the thing about Ann Romney. She has a personal style and it is classic, flattering to her body and age-appropriate. I doubt very much if you are going to see fans of her style rushing off to Talbot’s to buy a belt or a shirt dress. That’s because people who recognize her style understand that they don’t have to duplicate her look 100% but can adapt the element in a piece that suits them. Sure there’s the occasional fish shirt* but I doubt very much if we’re going to be seeing that kind of thing at WH events.

I won’t put up side by side DNC/RNC speech dresses – that comparison is all over the place. Let’s look at this instead:

shared joy vs. forced contact

There’s a lot of pictures of that purple hug from different angles. He was actually patting her back.

Anyway, when you start reading stories comparing public demand for MOO’s dresses and none for Ann’s, you’ll know the reason why.

*Likewise, MOO pulls off the occaisonal classy appearance. This when a well-known designer such as M Koors** or N Kahn imposes his will completely on her.

** This is what her pshopped portrait looks like in that dress compared to what she really looked like in it.


7 thoughts on “Iconic Fashion

  1. Spared us bare arms and exposed pits on the street, but females on TV talk, political and news shows have all gone sleeveless. It’s disturbing. Women, in general, do not have attractive upper arms.

  2. The side by side hugging photos were very telling; you can determine who’s faking and who’s comfortable with the hug.

    As for the imitation Michelles, if Vogue showed their fancy garments the way they look on MO, no one would buy them, or the magazine.

  3. I agree with wyogranny – too many bare arms on TV. Maybe it’s just envy on my part. Agree with you on joy vs. forced contact. I called my daughter’s attention to the fact that she scrunched her mouth away from his kiss.
    I found you on the MOTUS blogroll a while back. Now you’re a daily view. Thanks for combining shopping tips, politics, and common sense. I lived on a creek once and had to endure what you’re going through. I hope it ends well.

  4. What a difference in the pshopped pic and the real pic. So, do the people that are allowed into her presence have to wear somekind of 3-D glasses that automatically pshops her? Otherwise, it’s all a lie. Ok, it’s all a lie.

  5. She has really, really big feet! I just looked from that photo down to my narrow 9s and wow!!!! It’s no surprise that those $540 shiny lavender food bank sneakers were actually the preference of male hip-hop artists, or that she favors Converse lace up tennies, which come in unisex sizes, translated on the label inside. The size for a man; the size for a woman. Those over the knee boots were custom made. No surprise, and we’re not just talkin’ feet there.

    About that air-kissing “encounter” on stage at the DNC Convention. When they showed her big face over his shoulder, next to the back of his odd pencil-necked head with those Mickey Mouse ears, she reminded me of a mother comforting a very troubled little kid. “There, there. You’ll be OK….”

    These two are passing strange.

    I am reading a book I can recommend and I don’t know its author. Richard Miniter’s Leading From Behind. If you want to see ugly have a look at how things have been operating in the WH the last four years. The section on ObamaCare will chill you to the bone. The author makes a case for calling it PelosiCare. How’s that for scary?

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