Hey Look My Dead Dog Is A Democrat

screenshot of bobthecorgi’s gmail account

I have a few old email accounts that I rarely check in on. Looks like old Bob the Actual Corgi has attracted the attention of the Obama campaign. I should probably check in on the account in my real name to see what’s going on there.

5 thoughts on “Hey Look My Dead Dog Is A Democrat”

  1. For a long time, I’ve tried to fathom the polls and how the numbers are generated. I now know where the numbers come from: The Democrats are channeling dead pets.

  2. I have an online alter-ego that gets these. I knew they were starting to run scared when the daily plea for $3 turned to a daily plea for $5.

    For the math-inclined among you, that’s .001% of a Michelle vacation or .00075% of a Solyndra.

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