Bread and Peace

As you know, abortion is not my voting issue.

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But how can a person not ponder it after the abortion-fest that was the DNC convention in Charlotte this week. “Women’s reproductive health issues” can only mean abortion – if it meant birth control, that wouldn’t be a strictly woman’s issue, now would it? So here’s a few questions I have for the average Democrat:

  • Where was your voice this week? Surely there are some moderate D’s that are not wholly on the surgical excision bandwagon.  Even with a self-persuading argument about when life starts* and are ok with early-term abortions, are there any who might want to draw a line at the thought of what late-term abortion really means? And I’m not even talking about partial-birth abortion or Baby Born Alive situations although I’m wondering where are the Democrats who are opposed to piercing the skull of a baby whose body is delivered but his head is not yet emerged**. Where is that voice in the DNC?
  • If it’s really women’s health that we’re talking about, answer this question that no one on twitter could answer for me:

There are roughly twice as many boobs as vaginas around. So why does Obamacare reduce mammograms and promote abortions? If we’re talking about prevalence and applying resources for the greatest good, you would think it would be the opposite.

I know there must be  less radical Democrats besides the enthusiastic Kill The BABIEEEZ  For Any Reason At Any Time crowd that have the ear of the platform makers. Where are they? Why do they not speak?

Now here’s a question for Democrat women only:

When a DNC-approved and pre-screened speaker stood in front of the convention and said: there are three simple reasons for anyone to support Barack Obama: “Your sister, your mother, and your daughter”, didn’t you find it insulting or even slightly odd that he didn’t include “YOU”.

Hello? Didn’t any of you get just a little shiver when you recognized that the party call only goes out to the men?

* If you know, please share.

**Actually, I have few questions for the doctors that are not opposed to this.

12 thoughts on “Bread and Peace”

  1. I’m a registered Dem, but won’t be after this upcoming election.

    Abortion; I was there before Roe vs Wade, I knew girls who went on kitchen tables, who tried self-aborting and here’s why they did that; they didn’t hate children, they weren’t monsters but only trying to protect themselves from the hatred and disgrace of being an unwed mother. Being an unwed mother before legal abortion was the same as having “SLUT’ stamped on your forehead. Young daughters were literally thrown ‘out on the street’ and never spoken of by their families again. Society demanded chastity and severely punished anyone who succombed to their natural urges. If the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest, or happened to that 50yr old woman, it didn’t matter.

    This was all before the sexual revolution, back when brides were expected to be virgins on their honeymoons. This was before “the pill” made unexpected pregnancy a thing of the past for every woman. This was before it was OK for a single woman to become a mother. This was before women were ‘allowed’ to become police officers, fire fighters, or to participate in sports.

    Today, there are many ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy and no excuse to use abortion as a relief from one’s refusal to be responsible. There’s no longer any society shunning to be a single mother or a lack of child-less parents who would gladly, wholeheartedly, give a child a loving home.
    Except for rape, incest (another form of rape), or the life of the mother, there is no legitimate reason for any abortion.

    So, am I Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? even I don’t know.

  2. What bothered me most of all, was this implication that somehow Paul Ryan would have women dying in Emergency Rooms who are in labor, but refused an abortion. Really? Already in labor and still all you can think of is kill it, kill it? How about if the ER Doc (or nurse) delivers the child. You can still decide at that point if you want it or would like to bless another family with that child. Just ticks me off to no end.

  3. Inmates running the asylum in the Democratic party. Face it, the Dems pander to any group they think they can squeeze a few votes out of, regardless of the extremes in evil or idiocy.

    There are people in the world that consider buying condoms and putting them on too expensive and time consuming, abortion is their contraception of choice.

  4. I have a lot to say about this, but if I get started it will take too long before I can stop. I’ll just second the comments here. Abortion and the celebration of it are the most repugnant moral issues of our time and the Democrat position on abortion should be every thinking person’s reason to vote anything-but-Democrat.

  5. The idea of abortion as a form of birth control is disturbing. Even more disturbing is the fact so many of our society – men and women – have no qualms about refusing responsibility for their actions and willingly destroy something as precious as a child.

    Every person that writes on the internet escaped abortion. For whatever reason, they exist and most have enriched the world with their existence.

  6. My soap box this week: everything is a big murky mess of grey in this world – everything. A rape victim doesn’t want to carry that baby to term? I support abortion. An accidental conception by a couple using birth control, but carrying the baby to term could kill the mother? I support abortion. A female pregnant for 5 1/2 months that’s just now dealing with the fact that they don’t want to be a mother? I do NOT support abortion. Every single case is different, and every single person is different, and every single reason is different. Sweeping laws that make it all illegal make me so uncomfortable that I could cry.

    1. So where’s your voice then? Does the Democratic party know that you do not agree with their sweeping law that makes it all legal, free and on demand?

      What I’m trying to say in this post is that the manner in which all abortions even those too grisly to describe let alone contemplate were promoted/accepted at the DNC without any room for contemplative limitation.

      1. And what I’m saying is that I err on the side of more freedoms, even when I don’t want them. My voice is on paper, and in email, and has been raised to my representatives on everything that they do that I want them to change. I take part. I used to take part in public blogging forums, but I said the same things so many times, that I had to stop.

        I am less uncomfortable with laws that make it all legal than I am with laws that make it all illegal. Murky, murky grey world.

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