Let’s See How You Look In A Veil

True story: Once I worked with crazy people. The main crazy person was in a position of power over all the others and often exercised her craziness under the guise of “having fun”. Whenever that happened, somebody suffered.

Main Crazy Person – let’s call her Esther – had a social relationship with Subservient Crazy Person – let’s call her Molly, who was single and  6 months pregnant at the time of the incident I’m going to tell you about. Most of the “fun” that Esther directed at Molly was in the form of put-downs and unbalanced competitions that Molly could not possibly win and while Molly wasn’t thrilled with that, she was not a complainer and had become accustomed to this type of treatment.

There was a small business meeting held in a fancy hotel. Esther and Molly were rooming together right down the hall from where I shared a room with another business associate. One evening, there was a ruckus in the hallway and then banging on my door. When I opened it, in whirled Molly dressed in only panties, bra and a short bridal veil. Turns out that Esther had somehow gotten Molly to model this ensemble for her in the hotel room, then shoved her out into the hallway and locked the door.

Fun, eh?  When the incident was rehashed at a group breakfast (yes. the indignity continued.), there were nervous titters and a few weak “Oh Esther you’re so funny”s from third stringers who were baffled but hopeful that they would someday become a close associate of power.

I’m thinking something similar must have happened to Obama. While not exactly trusting whoever has power over him, he at least had the basic expectation that things would go on as usual and he could count at least on the appearance of propriety. But this whole campaign and now the poorly attended convention sure seems seems like he’s been stripped of something and shoved out on his own. And we can all see him.


5 thoughts on “Let’s See How You Look In A Veil”

  1. The Obama campaign has no choice; they must continuously spew rancid bullshit from a fire hose, lest any piece of the awful truth that is his record be visible.

    Particularly ironic was the 1/32 Indian, EMK-wannabe, red-tofu slinging Elizabeth Warren ranting how everything is rigged by the GOP on the same day and stage where the teleprompter revealed they pre-scripted the margin of victory for the hastily revised addition of an oblique reference to God in their platform.

  2. The carefully staged, scripted and managed spectacal ruined by the ****%^&*( BretBair on the *(&%$$ FOX news channel asking why God was left out of their platform. What’s God got to do with America, anyway? Making a fuss about the capital of Israel as if it were important to world peace. Geez.

    This convention and it’s constant chant of abortion, gay marriage, and sly references to a commie way of life are pulling the mask away from the ugly, racist, anti-semite, God-less intentions of those now in power.
    If showing the insanity of the powerful is crazy, then I’m all for it.

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