DNC (Do Not Care)

I have a feeling the dress is made entirely out of Spanx. They’ll all be wishing they still had God at the convention if that thing busts at the seams.

I must say, I was remarkably moved by the snippets I read this morning about the Day 1 of the DNC convention. First, I was re-inspired by the very sight of World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama. I couldn’t help it – I busted out into tweets.

Also, the poor “poor Obamas”! I had no idea. I guess they’re feeling closer to us all now so they feel comfortable enough to share what their struggles really were. Recap:

  • 2008 campaign – had to have two salaries to survive
  • 2012 campaign – dumpster diving for furniture

It’s a good thing he’s constitutionally prevented from seeking a third term otherwise they might produce a picture of themselves wearing wooden barrels with suspenders because they couldn’t afford clothes.


11 thoughts on “DNC (Do Not Care)

  1. Boo hoo… they had debt after college.

    Gee, if only they had graduated with some sort of skill set that would enable them to get a job and repay their mountain of debt.

    Something like, oh, I don’t know… maybe an IVY LEAGUE LAW DEGREE.

    Oh, wait… they did have that. Barry just decided to turn down high paying jobs so that he could “do what’s right.”

  2. She forgot to tell us how he ‘tucks’ her into her bed at night. awwww
    She also forgot to remind us that he always shoveled the snow off of her car so she wouldn’t be late for work. what a guy.
    She forgot that she didn’t want to live in the WhiteHouse after he was elected…..it’s, you know, so white.

  3. A lot of times I come by and go to leave a comment and the comment thingy wants me to log in and I don’t have my log in creds on that “device” so I leave. Just sayin’. Oh where was I? Yes! this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2198399/Michelle-Obama-matches-manicure-hemline-wows-Tracey-Reese-dress-J-Crew-heels-DNC-speech.html

    I saw that article (linked from Drudge) and then came here looking for “the real story.” Such is the influence you wield in this area, missy. Although I did note that the article in the link mentions a “slight criticism” about her eyebrows.

  4. Just in case you were wondering where all that money we spend on personal assistants is wasted!
    Her nails matched her hemline! (gasp) (gulp) (small tear slides down cheek)
    I have to go sit down now. Is that tres chic or what? And subtle faminity was added with long fake eyelashes. Subtle is her middle name and it costs a packet to be that subtle. Carmen Miranda should be that subtle.

  5. I’m stymied as to what kind of bra made her boobs look (ahem) “vertical”–that up and down “rack” sticking out were breasts should be. I’ve seen bras that make the girls look pointy, but vertical?!?

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