I did NOT just hear the DNC delegates booing God. Did I?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe puke.

So they cheered the house down about abortion on demand and booed God. Yeah. I wouldn’t be turning my back on any kind of “mild precipitation” in Charlotte this week. Better keep the choom wagon gassed up.

Did I just hear that Jerusalem is officially acknowledged as the capital of Israel in the D party platform? Now things are getting interesting. That’s going to be some scene when ole  Barry Soetoro goes a-knockin’ on the mosque door on Friday. I hope they televise that. That’ll get the ratings.


UPDATE: Oh I’m suuuuure.

Hey what time does Soros speak?

4 thoughts on “…”

  1. The Dembots booed revising their devious platform to include The Lord because they believe…

    1) Not even The Creator built that.
    2) And even if He did, that it only took 6 days is clear evidence that no union labor was used.
    3) He created Man first, then animals. Then a Woman, but no Steve – so how could Adam properly make his lifestyle choice?
    4) He would be Anti-Choice if He existed at all, but the very thought just offends them.

    But they added it anyway because they lie their asses off even when they don’t have to.

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