Horrible Things I Did Not Buy Today

Remember the meerkat water fountain? I went back to that garden center today and discovered that their nature studies are not limited to fountains. Here is a … statuary, I guess it is. And I’m thinking you could use it indoors OR outdoors. Or maybe move it around as the seasons change. Well worth the investment I suppose but I’m not really in the market for parent/child wildlife sculptures.


Shopping from home fared no better today. I’m  careful with what I look at on eBay. It’s such a time suck just tending to my regular goings-on there that I don’t need to be looking at curiosities. Deep into the pages of search results for “mexican cactus dish” what do I come across but a not-to-be-ignored Hand Painted Camelot Broadway Show Planter Plant Pot:

For sale we have a gorgeous Camelot Broadway show plant pot. This was hand painted by [nobody you know] with acrylic paints and a coat of polyurethane. Could be used outdoors and indoors for that perfect artistic touch! Depicts Julie Andrews and Richard Burton as well has text with song titles and such surrounding the top. Comes complete with saucer. Pot measures approx. 6″ W x 5.5″ H. Saucer measures 6″ W x 1″ H.

This art object is selling for $49.99. I guess that’s real gold around the rim and saucer. You can totally tell it’s a one of a kind piece. Observe the hand application of pink paint blobs, the hand lettering including extra-artsy random bolding. By the way, how do you spell the name of King Arthur’s wife? I’m not entirely sure that this is it. I guess the artist was coming down off the high of getting to write out “FIE” that details like spelling didn’t matter.

“My grandma really loved seeing Richard Burton on Broadway! Can you make her something special?”

Used! That might start to explain why this exists. It may have been a well-intentioned gift for someone, maybe even a commisoned piece.

11 thoughts on “Horrible Things I Did Not Buy Today”

  1. Squee! They didn’t happen to have one with Julie and Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, did they? I might actually have to get on Ebay one of these days.

  2. One question: what the heck is a Mexican cactus dish? I live here in the land o’ Mexican pottery and have no clue what you are referring to.

    To me, a “Mexican cactus dish” is Nopales or (Nopalitos) which are the pads of the prickly pear cactus cooked or grilled … spines removed, of course … and then sliced in strips like fajitas and combined with other food (like eggs or in chili verde – – yum!) and put inside a tortilla.

      1. Ahhh … okay then! Now I get it.

        Most of the folks out here who sell and/or replant wee cactus use low terra-cota red clay pots because it allows the root system to dry out completely: http://tinyurl.com/9xz28lf

        I have seen people also use the terra-cota “catch pan” (that is designed to go UNDER a clay pot to catch water) for planting small cactus because the roots of the cactus do not go deep and the sandy soil dries out much faster making it healthier for the cacti.


        The containers in the photo (above in this thread) are cute … I hope they survive and thrive!

  3. I am old enough to remember back a few decades when ceramic painting shops sprung up in any unrented space, filled with ceramic blanks of all descriptions, just ready for crafty ladies to show up and do their stuff. And then pass them on as gifts to unsuspecting friends and relatives.

    These establishments provided the materials for a price (!) and fired these puppies in their portable kilns.

    Mercifully these ladies grew bored – and/or their marks grew tired of receiving this stuff – and they moved on. I’ll not offend anyone by saying what they are probably doing now….

    1. PS. The only way that kitschy pot and saucer would have been commissioned? Some unsuspecting soul unfortunately expressed their love of “Camelot” and was then supposed to be thrilled when this custom made offering showed up on a birthday or Christmas. I’d put money on it.

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