Try Refining Your Search By Adding More Words

Google. Amitrite? I did a general search for “Romney Ryan bumper Stickers” and got back three paid ads, one reasonable search result and a bunch of bullshit.

I didn’t even try an image search.

So I tried again with more information to help google understand what I was thinking.

the results weren’t much better

8 thoughts on “Try Refining Your Search By Adding More Words”

  1. You don’t seem very trite, but you are right.

    I wonder if any of those who slavishly shill for Obama will ever realize they’re figuratively carrying the handbasket America’s going to Hell in?

  2. The pulled this with the movie 2016 Obama’s America as well. Google came up with no results, and Yahoo had bad links to theater showtimes. No bias there. Nope.

  3. “political bumper stickers romney/ryan” will take you where you want to go.
    And of course, to a lot of places you wouldn’t dream of going.

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