Please Help I Can’t Stop

A single chin hair on Suzette

was causing great grief and much fret.

Just one stroke with Sam’s twin blade

(followed up by some first aid)

was more than the tweezers could get.

And there it is – the double annoyance of TMI delivered in limerick form. In other news, the creek workers are slashing the foliage behind the shrub line at the edge of our backyard. I hope they throw back four year’s worth of the dog’s basketballs that are trapped between the greenery and the wire fencing.


9 thoughts on “Please Help I Can’t Stop

  1. TMI in limerick form is pretty awesome though. I always think of that scene in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin, FTW) is plucking hairs from the mother-of-the-bride’s chin and says, “One more. One more. BIG one.”

  2. Allow me to inform you of some of the ‘joy’ of post-menopause: when the hair on your head turns grey, then white, so does the rest of your body hair. As a bonus, the hair on your legs quits appearing (other places, too) so that shaving is just a rote you do by memory. Also, when you quit needing pads or tampons, you will develop a need for “adult pads” or laughing or sneezing will be unfortunate.

    There’s no point in asking God “why?” or looking for a reason. It is what it is.

  3. I had my first genuine acne just this summer. Not just a zit or two, but cystic hurty acne that left a red patch. What the hell is that?
    Someone out there has a very nasty sense of humor.

  4. Oh tell me tell me, tell me do
    Oh gorgeous man with eyes of blue,
    Is 1 + 1 really always 2?
    Does math work in DC like it does in school?

    When I spend more than I could ever earn,
    My creditors tell me I’m going to get burned.
    But when times are tough in Washington,
    Biden says to spend money by the ton!

    You’ve got to spend money to keep from going broke,
    He tells us straight-faced, no hint of a joke.
    Now the rest of the Dems say we can’t stop spending
    Or you’ll be cliff-side, dear Ryan, Grandma’s wheelchair upending.

    The whole thing’s confusing for one stupid as I
    Because I always believed that numbers don’t lie.
    But it appears that on this someone’s stretching the truth.
    Perhaps the right numbers will add up in the voting booth!

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