Breakfast and Dinner

The low-carb diet grows tiresome. I rarely eat breakfast food for breakfast even under normal circumstances so the leftovers scene has kept me going this long*. But even the easy egg-centric meal has become boring no matter what time of day it is. I’ve tried fried, scrambled omeletted, hard boiled and deviled until I can’t take it anymore. So I looked up a recipe for crustless quiche and that was a major winner. I made it once as a big ole pie and then as minis in a cupcake pan thereafter. As a food choice, it does have its pros and cons, though:


  • majorly delicious
  • 100% compliant with low-carbing
  • portable
  • storable
  • endless variety
  • thankfully you do not  have to grease the pan


  • puts America back to work if America wants to wash dishes
  • involved several steps and gooey cleanup
  • greasy
  • high caloric – this is not for those who count calories
  • high fat content – see above
  • too delicious/danger of eating more than you originally intend at one sitting

The ingredients are simple: eggs, cream, shredded cheese and some kind of anchoring main ingredient. I started out with this recipe and even though I didn’t want to, I made it exactly as the recipe states in protest of all the dipwads who write those reviews where they say the recipe was just delicious and also that they changed 40%-60% of the ingredients.  The next time I stuck with the broccoli and used pepper jack cheese and that was a big winner. Now I’m stuck on green onion, bacon and swiss but frankly, I’ll use any cheese I have around as long as it’s shreddable.

For a 12-cup cupcake pan, I use 5 eggs and 1 cup of cream(or 1/2 & 1/2 or milk). I wing the other amounts and go by how it looks. The mercy is if you run out of stuff before all 12 cups are filled you can pinch stuff from the abundantly filled cups and move it around. I don’t like to do that , though because it brings up a traumatic memory for me.

[Once I was socially shamed into <air quotes>volunteering< end air quotes> to work in an adult day care kitchen to help with lunch. The tough cookie in charge took one look at me, handed me a hair net and shunted me away from the main action by putting me in charge of assembling 27 individual salads. The irony is that food presentation is one of my strongest skills so I set about shaming her by making the most beautiful salads anyone had even seen in a styrofoam bowl. The bed of lettuce had a single slice of tomato in the center which was overlapped by 5 slices of cucumber set into a fan shape against the bowl’s edge. There was a small mound of olives slices and some julienned radish sticks sprinkled on the opposite side of the bowl.  When the tough cookie came around to collect the salads, she shrieked that there were only 24 bowls not 27 and she stuck her big gloved mitts into the bowls and redistributed everything until there were 27 bowls with an equal amount of contents. It was a very messy presentation. So, I am definitely your girl for arrangement but certainly not for math. And that is why I don’t like to re-distribute ingredients in my cupcake pans.]

Back to happier times! – here they are:

Bacon and Scallion Crustless Quiche minis

I don’t know if they are supposed to be so air-bubbly but that is one of the better parts this. You look at it and almost think that it’s going to be bread-like but then you take a bite and you’re glad that it isn’t bread.

Yesterday I had a big bunch of work to do so I started early and by 4:30 I was completely worn out. I took  2 -hour nap and then got up and went back to work. At 7:30 I was still typing away when Sami appeared to inquire about dinner. We had defrosted some nice steaks so when he asked how I wanted to cook them, I told him to grill them but to put some  Montreal Steak Seasoning on first and to be sure to put it on both sides of the meat.

Even in daylight, the dear man cannot produce a non-black meal from the grill to save his life. I wasn’t too optimistic when he called me downstairs at 8:30pm and sure enough, there was the customary platter of black things. I cut into one- surprise! despite its blackness it was tender and chewable. That wasn’t the only surpise though – he used an entire bottle of the peppery seasoning on 2 thin steaks. When I told him to use it, I was thinking shaker and he was thinking dry rub. In retrospect, I think the meat was still tender because the barbeque flames could not penetrate the peppery crust. Man. That stuff was unbearably h.o.t.

But I scraped off what I could and put the leftovers into the refrigerator.  Now I’m going to slice it up for a nice breakfast steak salad with a creamy horseradish dressing.

And that is how you keep a low carb diet from killing you with boredom.

* 4 weeks; -? pounds. I’m not weighing myself.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast and Dinner”

  1. Bacon and Swiss. How could you go wrong? I’m currently involved in a small discreet love affair with Swiss. When I was a child it was one of the cheeses I wouldn’t go near. Now it’s all Swiss all the time.

  2. My husband grew up in feed lot country, and consequently anyone who wants a rare steak hadn’t better dine here. His standard order at a restaurant is “NO pink.”

  3. I once went one the Adkins diet, can’t remember for how long or how much weight I lost, but the thought of scrambled eggs makes me dry heave.

    I’m doing low carb again by severely limiting anything made with wheat, rice, sugar and anything starchy. I don’t weigh myself, when my pants fall off and I need to buy new ones, I know it’s working.

    Last night and today for brunch I had a ginger steak salad… SO yummy! Basically steak marinated in soy sauce, garlic, olive oil, a touch of brown sugar, and sherry. Cooked RARE, served on a bed of baby greens with a Asian inspired salad dressing with lots of ginger and garlic. If interested it’s on Pioneer Woman’s blog or do a google of “ginger steak salad.” My husband, how cares less about food has been asking for this since March.

  4. Online you can find a product called carbquik, a low carb bisquik food product that will allow you to vary your diet without substantially increasing your carb intake. Start with their recipe for cheese biscuits. You’ll be surprised.

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