Joe Biden, Campaign Asset

I intended to just post this video of Obama’s Vice President imitating an Indian accent without comment but did he just say “Manmeet”?

Manmeet? That’s the particular Indian name he comes up with? I think we all know what this means.

Joe Biden has studied the now defunct American TV sitcom Outsourced as his source material. You remember Outsourced – the show that caused so many people to get up in arms about the stereotypical and condescending presentation of a Indian people, their culture and their language?

A heartbeat away, America. This is who is heartbeat away.

UPDATE: In Which I Correct Myself: Oh. Not Manmeet. Nancy. Although he got that name wrong and should have said “Peggy”. So his research material was not an American TV sitcom. It was an American TV commercial for a credit card. And he still got it wrong.

Joe Biden was last seen on Thursday August 16th, 2012 entering the White House for lunch with the president.

8 thoughts on “Joe Biden, Campaign Asset”

  1. Now that Carney and Obama have confirmed Joe’s place on the ticket, AND the pundits have weighed in that dropping Joe now would be a (another) sign of deep desperation, look for a somber announcement from Walter Reed about a sudden diagnosis that requires Joe to step out to address.

    He’s lucky – inconvenient people like that around the Clintons usually got on defective planes or committed sewer side.

    1. We should start a pool, like a Death Pool but call it a Drop Out Date Pool.

      I think the Death Pool victim this time is going to be a close relative of Obama’s. Most likely his sister, but maybe Grandma Robinson. There doesn’t seem to be much love lost in that direction.

  2. I’d feel a little ghoulish entering a death pool, but a drop out date pool is inspired. I predict the week before the convention. Can I get the whole week?

  3. I’m thinking late September or early October when they can’t evev fake the polls on CBS any longer. Might pick Springsteen, Oprah or Morgan Freeman.

  4. Shrillary clinton said no to vice-President for President-in-name-only obama. Her bloated face and greasy hair will not help obama 2012.

  5. I think it will be both of O’s illegal relatives. The ones we know about anyway. In a drunk driving accident.

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