Who Do You Love?

I love you all.

All of my readers and commenters and links and read feeder occupants. I don’t think I’ve ever acknowledged that before. POOF and then you’re gone. Let me say it now. You have all enriched my life beyond earthly measure.

And its not just gin talking.

I love you, man.

23 thoughts on “Who Do You Love?”

  1. Sometimes my late afternoon tea gets me all lovey-dovey so it might just be the gin. But, what’s not to love? we share ideas, thoughts even though we’re thousands of miles apart. We know of heartaches, illnesses, and triumphs and accept them without judgements.
    We “know” each other even though we will never meet in person.
    I guess we do love each other.

  2. That’s nice. I guess I could write something snarky about not feeling so cheap any longer and wondering where this relationship will eventually lead, but I won’t.

    You have a great blog and it’s a pleasure to come read your writings before the medications wear off.

  3. I love you too, Suzette!!!! Although, I do miss Stedman’s tweets. Those were priceless. I used to read them on your sidebar, as I don’t have a Twitter account. Please don’t leave us. You would be missed!!!!!

  4. OMG, I thought we were about to be “Dear John’d”…..

    We wuv you too, Suze…. coffee talking (it’s early here)…..

  5. Love reading your blog! Yes, I do pull up Drudge first thing in the morning but you are always second and put a much needed smile on my face 😮

  6. I rarely comment and wouldn’t know you from any other gin soaked floozy (term of endearment,) but I love you for your taste in garden decoration and whit. So, why do you think Hillary said, “no?”

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