Can’t Keep Our Hearts In Jail

Jon Corzine Is Considering Starting A Hedge Fund

If this headline is true and there is a just God then we can look forward to this scenario playing out like the last scene in The Producers where Max Bialystok and Leo Bloom are in prison but still committing the same crime that got them locked up in the first place.

“So when we take your money, never fear”


5 thoughts on “Can’t Keep Our Hearts In Jail

  1. I used to know somebody, that knew somebody in another town, that would break a leg for two hundred dollars. Now, that’s a bad way of going about getting vengeance, but when I think of the scale of Corzine’s efforts, I find it hard to fathom he can still walk the streets in safety.

    • It’s called The Greater Fool theory. PT Barnum famously postulated that it perpetually renews itself every minute. It is a fundamental underpinning of every Democrat platform and too many of the GOP.

      Corzine probably thinks it doesn’t apply to prison rape victims. Corzine will discover he is mistaken.

  2. Someone on HotAir said Corzine is “too big to jail.” He’ll never have to pay for his slick dealings with this justice department.

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