Oh Noes

UPDATED! New title: Raffi Takes Huffington Post To School

the whale is the rain the raindrops are doves, mike smith 1993

RIP Baby Beluga: Whale that inspired famed Raffi song dies

URGENT UPDATE: Dear gentle Raffi threw himself into a twitter fight with HuffPo over what he felt was a disservice to that whale.  He took offense to the angle that the specific whale that the song was about had died and that now thanks to sloppy reporting, it was a song about a dead whale.

HuffPo, I’d quake if I were you. Your readers are all Raffia fans, or as Raffi refers to them on Tiwtter: #belugagrads (small update: HuffPo did indeed quake and made a correction at the end of the original artlcle.)

UPDATE  2: There’s so much written all over the internet right now I hardly know what to link.  I had a little chuckle at the subheadline on the Hollywood Reporter’s article but they really captured the essence of what’s happening now. Also that whale was not a baby.

Raffi Clarifies ‘Baby Beluga’ Drama: Hit Song Not About Dead Whale

Mass confusion broke out as news reports and the famed children’s performer advanced differing stories about the late sea mammal.

Mass confusion indeed. Raffi is very busy setting things straight and the #belugagrads have responded. I guess I’m one of them.

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