Dr. Suzette Will See You Now

Randy Travis doesn’t want to be like that. It makes me sad to hear all of the jokes about Randy Travis’ latest troubles.

Randy Travis is an alcoholic. It’s a disorder. He doesn’t want to be like that but he cannot help himself and obviously whatever support system he has around him is not therapeutic*. This is an imbalance in a person’s make-up. I didn’t hear anyone making jokes about that  greasey poser from New Jersey – Bruce Springsteen – when he announced that he suffered from depression.

Randy’s been an alcoholic for a long time. I remember when he got married to his 20-years-older manager. The gist of the news at the time was that it was more a marriage of co-dependence than a love match. It was after his big break-out/cross-over hit Forever And Ever Amen and he seemed to be riding high. But he needed her to watch over him, keep him out of trouble and remain productive. She needed him to be able to keep on bringing in the money. There was reference to his problems with alcohol even at that time.

They divorced about a year and half ago and are now suing each other over assorted business matters so it’s safe to assume it was not amicable. The structure that was set up to protect him from himself is gone now and we’re seeing the terrible consequences of unguided behavior for Randy. His public arrest record is odd and that’s what is making everyone interested in it to the point of making jokes. The same thing happened with Brittany Spears when she shaved her head. It’s a defense mechanism. People react with jokes because we are all terrified that a similar uncontrollable thing could happen to us and we have to make jokes to declare that  we are not that. That incident was pretty funny except to her and the people who truly had her best interests at heart. Her father broke through the barriers that were set up around her and resumed  directing her life until she was straightened out and could function as a person. It wasn’t the stuff of comedy but there was plenty of joking going on about it.

I don’t think any of this is funny and I am sad that so many people do.

*Sorry for the arcane terminology. This is common vocabulary in my biz and it’s the perfect word for the situation. His current support system does not function for his benefit or well-being.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Suzette Will See You Now”

  1. Sooner or later, you find the only way to help an alcoholic is to leave them completely to their decisions. Usually, they crash and burn and it’s never funny.

    Good post.

  2. Because most of us can consume alcohol now and again without becoming an addict, it seems that those who become “alcoholics” are suffering from a physical disorder, not a moral one. Overcoming alcoholic addiction should have a medical answer, not one of simple willpower.

    The MSM loves to showcase the suffering of well-known people, and some find it entertaining to see how low a drug or alcohol user can get.

  3. I come from a long line of Scandinavian alcoholics. Stopped in my branch of the family by my dad never drinking and convincing his kids to be abstenent. You’re right about Randy Travis. It’s a terrible soul destroying disease.

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