Down with Pitchforks

I don’t believe the historic show of support at Chick-fil-A franchises yesterday was about religious principles or gay marriage. I do believe that it was about freedom of speech and a rejection of the mob-with-pitchfork mentality. I could be wrong – but if it was about freedom of religion then here’s a connection that I haven’t seen made yet:  the Chick-fil-A show of public support for freedom of religion happened on the same day that the Obamacare anti-religious freedom mandate went into effect. Maybe that was the push-back message right there.

I would have gone to Chick-fil-A yesterday to make a personal statement about freedom of speech but I didn’t because:

  • I’m on a low-carb diet and I couldn’t risk being in the same general vicinity as those excellent waffle fries
  • The closest CFA to me is inconveniently located in the food court of a busy mall and I am too Busy and Important™ to look for parking and then spend time waiting in line.

My “activism” can be more accurately described as “inertiavism”. That doesn’t make my opinions any less valid or valuable than the loud mouthed  left who cannot entertain any other thought except that the crowds who showed up yesterday were driven by homophobia. How interesting that the left not only knows what’s best for everybody but also knows with certainty what everybody is thinking.

The left is good at a lot of things – they sing and make movies and TV shows and obey the hive mind – but mind-reading not so much. I’m a conservative who is neutral about abortion and gay marriage. They are not my issues and neither one drives my voting decisions.

This ain’t my first time at the rodeo. Back when I first started frequent travel to southern California,  there were two things I became acquainted with for the first time. One changed my life and one enhanced it. The life-changer was the Franklin-Covey system of time management and the life-enhancer was In-N-Out Burger. Two left-leaning bloggers that I had great on-line relationships with were agahst when I mentioned this and advised me to have nothing to do with In-N-Out burger because the family that owned it was openly Christian and even put bible messages on their packaging. And the Covey part of Franklin-Covey was a Mormon so there was something subversive and dangerous about Mormons, too. (They didn’t have anything to say about the Franklin part.)

So I did my own research and discovered that In-N-Out did indeed have a tiny reference to a bible verse in a discreet place on the paper french fry bags and that the french fires were fresh and delicious. The excellent burgers were like nothing I could get on the east coast. And furthermore, Steven Covey was a Mormon which oddly enough was never invoked anywhere in the management strategies. At a time when I was drowning in the chaos of terrible leadership, Franklin-Covey helped me get it together and it saved my professional life.

ooga booga

So I made an independent decision because I saw the benefit and continued my love affair with In-N-Out and my life-long gratitude to Franklin-Covey. Same thing with the Chick-fil-A. It’s entirely plausible that a great number of the people that flooded CFA yesterday were there for the food and not the political statement but I haven’t seen that acknowledgement anywhere on the web today. It’s simply assumed and repeated that anyone who patronizes CFA is a homophobe. End of story.

And if you don’t agree with that analysis, the pitchforks will soon be pointing at you.

13 thoughts on “Down with Pitchforks”

  1. A fellow server at my restaurant discovered CFA on a trip to the South, and when he found out that they were going to start opening stores in the Chicago market he could barely wait for it to happen. For months, he talked about the opening date of the Schaumburg location. I’m not exaggerating, he had this thing marked on his calendar.

    Anyway, the fabulous day arrived, and he’s been happily eating CFA on a regular basis.

    When all of this kerfuffle started, someone told him that they COULDN’T BELIEVE that he was still eating CFA.

    “Why?”, he asked.

    “Because they’re bigots! The head of CFA is against gay marriage! And YOU’RE GAY!”

    “But, the chicken is delicious, and I don’t want to *marry* that guy… so it all works out.”

    I should mention that almost daily, he is told by straight libs what he *should* think about things and how he *should* respond in certain situations because HE’S GAY! They are literally stunned to find out that he votes Republican, believes in free speech, adores free market capitalism, and couldn’t care less about whether it’s called marriage or a civil union. He even has the audacity to be annoyed when told that he should believe otherwise because HE’S GAY!

    It must be a burden for the tolerant Liberals to know what’s best for everyone, only to have the rubes just go ahead and think whatever they want to think, even though they’ve been instructed otherwise.

    (Sorry that’s such a long comment… I think I’ll make it a blog post…)

  2. Dear Blog-Buddette,

    I consider this to be one of the most perfect blog postings I have ever read, anywhere, bar none. It is politics, it is principles and it does not shy away from content regarding fried food. I give it a 99.9999999. (It lacked only a reference to bacon.)

    Thank you for occasionally letting me contribute.

    BTW, I mean it.

    — Props from Da Props

  3. uh-oh. Political pundits are asking each other “what does this mean? “.
    They’re wondering how so many people from all across the country actually heard about the un-American thought police attacks on the fast food company and were willing to go out of their way, drive many miles, wait patiently in line, and,
    for some unknown reason, didn’t poop on a police car or attack the workers behind the counters.

  4. Love this post! and… thanks for the info on IN-N-OUT – I can’t wait to break some lib hearts with that little gem!! heh…

  5. A blow has been stricken (struck?) for freedom and individuality. The whole Chick-fil-a thing and the blogging about it makes me a little less worried about the possibility of tyranny from the left in the United States. We’re still a nation of people who don’t like being pushed around by politicians. The noble lie once again fails. Good for us as a nation, and good for you Suzette for participating in the process.

  6. Excellent dense post (dense as in content heavy, not, well, dense). You say you made an independent decision. That is exactly what the left does not want us to do. The Chick-fil-a turnout yesterday was not about the food, IMO. Nor was everybody protesting against gay marriage. It is a push-back against the bullies of the left that are trying to tell us what to think. We need more of it.

    1. The world has come full circle. The whole gestalt of the left is supposed to be fighting against stale dogma – people telling you what to think.

  7. I have no problem with gay marriage. If two people love each other, let them get married. I DO have a problem with the gay community (OK, Liberals not all gay people) who says that they want equality. BUT, they don’t like it if someone else has a different opinion /thought / idea / belief than they do. That’s the definition of a hypocrite.

  8. This thought seems to be hard to convey, and you have done it well. Any argument or fact can be argued to support the supporter’s argument. (Wow…did I just say that? Did it make any sense?)
    Anyway, I hope someday we can have cocktails. I’ll totally buy you your drink of choice.

  9. Dear Fellow Inertiavist:

    Great post!

    And I second and third your comments about In-N-Out Burgers. And their fries aren’t too shabby, either. We live near at least three outlets so all bases are covered except home, where I am the burger chef. And mine are pretty darned good.

    Obie is weeping somewhere at the Chick-Fil-A grass roots movement (the real stuff, not his top down Astroturf rubbish) that has burgeoned. There is hope for us after all – and it has nothing to do with him. Except his departure and return to Chicago. And take the Missus.

  10. I also believe it was for freedom of speech. I saw several interviews and that was the first thing they said, freedom of speech.

    Can’t agree more about In-N-Out. We finally got one here and are supposed to have a Chik-Fil-A in the coming year. Love the In-N-Out and look forward to trying CFA. I didn’t know about the religious message on their wrappings. I will watch for them.

  11. I may have been one of the ones concerned about prayers on the wrappings of In-and-Out, but that’s only because I had not been properly inducted into the In-and-Out family of idolators. I hereby declare my regret about any remarks I might have made. The words on the wrappers don’t bother me at all, plus there’s no time to read the stuff because I’m too busy ripping off the wrapper to get to my double-double.

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