Our Long National Wait Is Over

Here is the update on my dinner out last night that you’ve all been waiting for:

The waiting line for Cheesecake Factory was out the door and around the building. It’s a big place too with huge seating capacity. Think about that.  On a Monday night yet. So we chose to go to a nearby McCormick & Schmick Seafood place. The fish was fresh if boring* but the most outstanding things about it were:

  • The place was almost empty. This was maybe 300 feet from Cheesecake’s front door.
  • It was crazy expensive. Or at least it is for a person like me who is trying to hang onto my lower middle class status.
  • I had THE BEST cocktail. The bartenders were like their own chefs. Chefs of booze. All the drinks that came out looked delightful. And I’m not saying that just because I’m on a diet and cut back my cocktailing to once a week so I’m somewhat on the deprivation side of things.

It was a Cucumber Gimlet. Which was made with Hendrick’s gin, a bit of Triple Sec, muddled lime and cucumber slices. Normally I don’t go for your “mixed drinks” because all that stuff takes up room in a small glass where the gin could be, but this was really cucumbery and delicious.

When we left the restaurant at 9:45 pm, there were still people waiting outside Cheesecake Factory.

*I don’t have a bucket list but if I did, this would be the only thing on it: to eat a whole fish roasted over a wood fire. Where can I get that? Preferably on a restaurant menu, not a backyard barbeque that I have to make myself or at a camp site. I’m not interested in eating while I sit in dirt. Although i would if I had to. But please don’t make me.


5 thoughts on “Our Long National Wait Is Over

  1. The problem with mall restaurants is that the staff turnover is turbine-like. So you can get a great dish one week and crap the next. The talented ones move up and away to better places.

    If you do go to Baltimore for wood-fired fish, make sure it isn’t “lake trout.”

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