No I Can’t

Two things that I can’t do anymore and I feel terrible about it.

1. Write legibly in cursive. And I do such nice notes. Too bad no one can read them. This is usually how it goes:

[reading …  reading … reading] … what is that? Spiteful? Grot, grot … OH! GRATEFUL!

2. This one is a two-parter:

(a) Tell a story in complete sentences and/or (b) stick to the linear timeline.

I used to be so good at both of these things and now it is the big-time suck.

8 thoughts on “No I Can’t”

  1. Don’t fret; consider your brain a computer that is overloaded with data or a “google” machine that spits out 23 bajillion responses to the word “go”.

  2. I have, too, Suzette. I started practicing my cursive writing by writing passages out of books in the French standard penmanship, which is quite different than what our dumbed down kids aren’t even learning – they quit teaching penmanship when my youngest was in grade school. Seriously. Keep at it. It’ll come back.

  3. I remember handwriting drills. copying perfectly formed letters with the paper at the correct angle and the pencil held just exactly right. We were allowed to use pens when sufficiently perfect.
    Now kids groan when you expect cursive writing and two of my children only use cursive when they write their signature.
    I used to laugh when my grandmother bemoaned the loss of some old fashioned virtue like always having a handkerchief and making sure your shoes and belt matched. Now I’m the old fashioned one.

  4. You realize this post might as well be a formal summons to have Legions of Deceased Nuns haunt you interminably until you write properly constructed paragraphs using correct grammar in flowing calligraphic conformity.

    Better get started…

  5. I recall learning “commercial cursive” in elementary school. We used paper with lined rules to measure our ascenders and descenders and had scratch pens from – yes – The School Pen Company.

    Imagine my dismay when my daughter stopped being taught handwriting after second grade.

    They also did not make her diagram sentences, so I now have to hear subjects that don’t match predicates, incorrect tenses and cases, as well as such horrendous gaffes as this morning’s “the dog is laying by the front door.” To which she got the traditional rejoinder: “a dog is not a chicken, she’s lying by the front door.”

  6. I homeschooled my kids illegally for a year. I also taught my second grader how to write cursive, or, if you will, subversive, since I was doing it outside the good graces of Pretzelvania law. And my reason for doing it? Because I felt like it, that’s why. When I realized that the only things I could teach my little kids were reading writing and math, I took them back to have that all undone, including the cursive, which the third graders were only just getting around to it, and made my badly miseducated former second grader stop doing. Why? Because no one else was doing it, so you can’t do it either.
    I hate public school. Everyone should do it illegally. They can’t jail us all! Can you imagine how lovely the graffiti would be in beautifully spray painted D’Nealian cursive hand? The thought makes me tingle all over!

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