I Am Failing At Trying to Contain My Excitement



Take some deep breaths, Suzette.

I am going to have dinner at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant tonight. I was just checking out he online menu, as you do. I checked out  the NEW SELECTIONS area and what do I see there but this:

Papas Bravas. A Spanish Favorite. Crispy, Golden Brown Potatoes Served with Garlic Aioli and Spicy Bravas Sauce. Could it possibly be … ?

Excitement! Of course then I had to immediately  look up the details and found out that Pappas Bravas is not the long-remembered and achingly longed-for Papas a la Huancaina but for that brief minute, it might have been. Why didn’t I let it go for a while? I could have savored the maybe-ness of the whole situation and lived on that for the whole afternoon.

But no. As I was writing this, I lost all hope and completely bummed myself out. I should just go buy a pineapple-themed dishtowel to wipe away my tears and find a corner to sit in so I can be alone with my memories.

Consolation Prize: shrimp and grits.

5 thoughts on “I Am Failing At Trying to Contain My Excitement”

  1. first experienced Papas a la Huancaina in Caracas 26 years ago. Me efforts at re-creation, once back in the U.S. were successful, I recommend!! Have you ever experienced something called Arepa? The fillings’ the key…

  2. I have only been to Cheesecake Factory one time, in Phoenix. The service was bad and the food was unimpressive. As for shrimp and grits: I am probably the only person from Georgia that doesn’t like grits. No way, no how.

  3. I miss Cheesecake Factory, mainly because the one I used to haunt had a bartender who not only remembered what I drank (dirty martini), but made the absolute BEST ONE EVAH! EVAH, do you hear and also recognize my enthusiasm has made me type it that way? Well, of course you do.
    It grows on you.

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