Headline: “Starchy Tuber Arrives In London”

We watched the Romney’s interview on CNN last night.

#1. I love that Mitt won’t  ameliorate his position when an interviewer pushes back. He firmly but politely reiterates and without pique or barely concealed anger. He might turn out to be the Coolest Presidential Candidate Evah.

For the 63-year-old mother of five, successfully running with the olympic torch represented the last lap in what had been a marathon recovery.

#2. I didn’t know that Ann Romney carried the Olympic torch at the Salt Lake City games. That must chap World Famous Fashion Icon And Busy Mom Michelle Obama’s™ ass, don’t you think? I wonder if she knows. I think I’ll tweet her to be sure of it.

she didn’t answer

Maybe MOO could run down the steps of AF1 carrying a giant sweet potato from the WH garden.


2 thoughts on “Headline: “Starchy Tuber Arrives In London”

  1. I think it was best Michelle didn’t run with the torch. If she had, and someone told her she has a fat ass, the Olympic tradition would have been tarnished when she beat the poor observer with the torch.

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