7 thoughts on “Shit Just Got Real”

  1. You don’t get more serious than that! I like the idea of porta potties as a measure of construction seriousness. “Well, Mr. President, it’s not shovel ready until the porta potties arrive.”

  2. I’m betting one of the local watchers caught somebody peeing behind a tree. That guarantees a port-a-can.

    That happened to one of our workers on a job. He was in a bind, it was rural, and he thought he was discreet….wrong. We told the inspector the worker caught a cottonmouth and the woman mistook it for his tallywacker.

  3. My son had a Mexican work crew. One day a guy went behind some bushes to relieve himself. Unfortunately, the modern office building had that glass which is metallic on the outside, from from the inside, transparent. A shocked office worker watched as urine dribbled down her window (with attendant embarrassing exposure of the worker). My son got a call. The poor Mexican guy was mortified and wouldn’t work at that property again.

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