Highly Annoyed

Here are three things that are annoying me tonight and ruining my evening time on the deck:

  1. The fan a/c unit is making a hell of a rattle. It’s mounted sideways so I’m thinking a rat got in there and now rat parts are being sliced off with every turn. I’m not going to investigate.
  2. The lookyloo with the white poodle is now walking down the ramp for a little stroll along the creek bed WITH his poodle. This guy really bugs me.
  3. Robert Caro found it necessary to use 4 commas in the 15 words of the first sentence of The Passage of Power. I wish I didn’t care about this so much.
This isn’t even page 1. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to overlook this. I didn’t have this hyper-awareness of comma usage when I read the first three volumes.

For counterbalance though: LYNDON’S FACE

I know just how you feel, Lyndon.

4 thoughts on “Highly Annoyed”

  1. 1. Bear with the rattling noise. The rat (if that’s what it is) will soon be sliced to pieces.
    2. If he annoys you, go down to the fence and yell at him. Ask him his opinion. Just get it off your chest.
    3. All of them look like they didn’t get their happy meal before this speech started.

    And I don’t tweet, so just wanted to say, the menu for the day sounds wonderful.

  2. A psychologist could have a field day with that photo.
    As a comma dunce, I can even see there are too many commas in that sentence. As a comma dunce, I can’t explain why.

  3. As I mentioned, below, in the “100th Burpday” post, all of the commas, used in Obama’s message, drive me, in a very real, and literal, sense, insane.

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