We Interrupt This Inertia To Bring You This Important Announcement …

I had gushing paragraphs written here but I distilled them down to this one reason why everyone should be exicted about this: Patti Lupone as Lady Bird Johnson.

Don’t cry for me Pedernales.

I’m what you would call a late-adopter of technology. Through a series of recent coinciding events (new TV with widgets or something built into it, Sami’s post-op low activity period, a Magic Motion bed placed in direct sight line of the aforementioned TV) we are finally getting into the Netflix thing to amuse him. One can only take so many daytime TV courtrooms. So we’re loading the queue up with mild comedies and TV serials from the 90s. I was really looking around for that one where Farah Fawcett plucks the chin hairs off of Colleen Dewhurst but no luck.

You know how much I totally love recreating my own past. This was a 1987 TV movie that I saw once and never forgot. I can’t say why, unless it was the very convincing performance by Randy Quaid. I have the happiness now. Not sure how much Sami is going to enjoy rubbing shoulders with Johnsons and the unavoidable Kennedys but he is becoming numb to my LBJ obsession one media object at a time.

My only other activity worth noting during these hot sweaty summer days are that I’m spending a considerable amount of time scrolling through eBay’s Danish teak serving pieces from the 70s. Whenever I get a small burst of energy, I do a little work on my upcoming Sunday Morning Poetry Throwdown. This week I’m working up something about Anthony Weiner attempts to re- enter NY politics and I’m doing it to a famous Walt Whitman work. The working title is “O Weiner Your Weiner”. I don’t know how far I’m going to get, though. The only rhyme I can think of for iphone is my bone and I really don’t want to be that unsublte.


7 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Inertia To Bring You This Important Announcement …

  1. I would like to see that movie ! Every time I see interstate wildflowers, I think of Lady Bird. (Funny, whenever I crave a fat, juicy cheeseburger AND a pepperoni pizza, I think of Michelle).

    Trivia, Charles Frank who played JFK was also Dr. Jeff Martin on All My Children. Takes me back to those early pre-cable tv mommy days 😀

  2. Mr. Quaid was once a good character actor. That was before he became homeless squatter/tax evader/paranoid conspiracy guy.

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