Need Not Apply

1. The work of a high-powered executive business woman is strange and varied. I’m currently researching whether or not a project that I’m working on is suitable for submission to the Guinness Book of World Records.., I had to check through this list of proposals they will not accept. Show stopper:

2. I get all my pop-culture news from Watch What Happens Live. (Hello my name is Suzette and I’m a junk TV addict.) (FYI – Andy Cohen is the new Jon Stewart). Today the world is diminished by the closing of a small business that was not caused by any of the various Obama burdens, but rather by the weight of the volume of law suits against it. Goodbye, Your Baby Can Read.  Genius babies will have to go it alone now. The world of late night infomercials salutes you.

3. Sarah Silverman is the new Janeane Garafalo. Because Janeane Garafalo wasn’t disgusting enough. Also: not even with Jimmy Kimmel’s dick.


6 thoughts on “Need Not Apply

  1. Way back when the chids were younger and more gullible, I told them the old saw about how kissing your elbow would change your gender. They all, naturally, tried to do it immediately. “WAIT!” said I. “Be CAREful doing that. Why when *I* was a little girl, I kissed my elbow once but was never able to do it again.”

  2. Had to Google WWHL and found they have an an alleged countess, LuAnne de Lesseps, on staff. However, per the Wikipedia, the French aristocracy thinks she can kiss their elbow .

    “In 1993, she married Alexandre de Lesseps, becoming his fourth wife.[1] Together, they have two children, Victoria and Noel. They divorced in 2009 as a result of reports of infidelity by her husband.[10] She announced that she would retain her married name; however, French nobiliary laws impede her from formally retaining her title of Countess.[citation needed]

    “Alexandre and LuAnn de Lesseps do not belong to the regular French aristocracy. Alexandre’s forbears are not mentioned in the 1911 Annuaire de la Noblesse de France.[11] Rather, Alexandre and LuAnn belong to “la noblesse d’apparence” or “la fausse noblesse”.[12] Today, the port of a regular French aristocratic title is regulated by the French Ministère de la Justice, which holds a “Répertoire” of all recognized French noble families.[13] LuAnn and Alexandre De Lesseps are not mentioned in this list and therefore cannot bear a noble title. “

  3. And why bother with nobility when you have a republic? It’s like that guy who was around for years, whose day job was as a delegate to the European Parliament. His other job was as the heir to the Hapsburg throne.

  4. If only they had called their DVDs “Your Baby Can Read Slightly Earlier Than Babies That Don’t Watch These DVDs!”

    My sister showed that DVD to my niece a gazillion times. My niece can read slightly better than the other 3-year-old around her. Coincidence? Could be. I know that my niece loved to dance to the songs.

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