Packing Michelle – Family Compound

“WOLFEBORO, N.H. —  It’s a family tradition that spans a decade, as Mitt Romney’s clan  – all 30 of them – gathers at his New England lakeside compound for a week of home-cooked meals, sporting events and ice cream outings. … the former Massachusetts governor is sticking to his routine. He attended Sunday church, let loose on Monday with a little jet skiing and on Monday night he was eating ice cream in town before piloting his boat back home to his lakefront estate. He walked barefoot with his grandchildren, posed for family photos, and visited with friends  – just as he has done every other summer.”    Worcester Telegram & Gazette


14 thoughts on “Packing Michelle – Family Compound

  1. There’s a slight possibility that I may be a little rusty in the satire department.This didn’t turn out to be as funny as I thought it was going to be. Stick with me. We are going to pack up this woman.

    • Hi, CS. MOTUS sent me.

      I don’t know that there’s any lack of humor in here. The comic strip took a little concentration but “Dear Diary” was a howl.

      I shall return.

  2. Oh, goody. Can’t wait. Bring it. And happy 4th, or as Chris Rock tweeted, “Happy white people’s independence day.” Can we pack them all up?

    • yea, and if it weren’t for this “white people’s Independence Day”, he’d be swatting flys off the dung pile in front of his hut, instead of hanging by the pool of his mansion. The nerve of some people!!

  3. I love it! AND, you even managed to get Ethel and her boots in there. I have to say, I’m truly amazed at how much LaVaughn’s writing has improved since college. 😉

  4. LOL…Can’t you just picture MO on a jetski with BO on the back….LOL
    “Buh-rock, how do you stop this thing!!??”
    Too funny, good snark!!

    • OMG , first MO would have to be wearing a bathing suit,,,shudder,,,,BO would look like the skinny girly-dude he really is next to his wife.

    • My first thought too, BO would never waste a photo op, he would be in front ! Leader! Nobel Peas Prize Winner! Send $3 and you too can ride my jetskeezy 😀

  5. Too funny and probably some truth, too.

    Love the pose. Gee, it looks like the one Vogue took of JackieO back in the day.

  6. W went home for vacation to his ranch. Uncle Billy went to the Vineyard (too many indictments waiting for him in Arkansas). Bush Sr. went to Maine to his – yes – family compound. Reagan usually went back to *his* ranch. Carter went to a bunch of places, but mostly back to his farm in Georgia. Ford owned a mansion in Vail, CO. So for most recent prezes, vacation means a trip back home.

    Neither Obama has shown a preference for that. For all the talk that MO was reluctant to accompany her husband to DC, she hasn’t been back to “Sweet Home Chicago” all that much. And who wants to go to the Midwest during the summer anyway? To be fair, the Obamas are the first real urban dwellers to be in the White House since Teddy Roosevelt and even he had a place out on Long Island.

  7. LOL @ “replacement dog for the one we left in Hawaii last year.”

    Yeah I’m late to this series, but I am here now, and that’s what counts.

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