Secret Plan To End The War

I’ve been at war with my cupboards for quite some time now. I took aim at the coffee mugs first. Next comes mismatched drinking glasses.

The winds of change have started to sweep through the stately manor here. Today. I switched out a high-class embroidered pillow that I use for back support in the club chair where I do my reading for the plain one that came with the chair. That’s as far as the winds blew me.

On the horizon is a potential change in phone. I read an article this week titled “10 Brands That Will Disappear In 2013” that contained the disturbing prediction that Research In Motion (the Blackberry people) cannot possibly survive. (sad face) so I’m thinking of taking over the hub’s iphone, freeing him to get the much superior HTC Evo. I’m not a fan of anything that makes me work to learn it but I do want to be able to attend WebExes on the iphone. Not that there’s any particular advantage to me but once I saw that other people were doing it, I expired from jealousy and now I’m dead.

Might push my bedroom furniture around tomorrow. Or I might just change my brand of hot sauce and be done with change. Tomorrow is full of potential.

And that’s the news.

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