Orange Car

When I bought this car, I thought the color was mild and soothing. Who knew it would turn out to be the most radical color in my neighborhood?

I am experiencing orange car sightings with increasing frequency. Are you? My trip last week was loaded with them. You might remember that I am planning on buying an orange car before the year is over, much to the dismay of my husband.

I don’t care. I look at my neighbors’ cars as I drive down the my street and I see black, white, silver and one wild child with a sand colored car. My “green tea” Honda CR-V is already the most colorful thing around. Orange is not really in my personal color palette and I confess that I bought the green car because it is very flattering to my skin tone. My life goal is to never repeat a car color – so far so good, but  I did have three very different shades of green cars. I’m still counting them as different colors. So far, I’ve had green, blue, grey, cream, white, silver, pine green, gold, green tea. I don’t count “Sami’s” cars; this list includes only is the stay-at-home mothermobiles/executive lady commuter car list.

But as of this week, I’m starting to get a bit uneasy. I’m seeing several different kinds of metallic orange paint. The worst I saw was a pumpkin colored Honda Fit that had a taupe-y grey undertone; the best was a clear sharp orange metallic on a Chevy Shitbox. Hyundai has not yet revealed their 2013 colors – all I have to go by is that car show business linked above. What if they share the same paint source as Honda? That will blow.

This one is the last of my stash from the dollar store. I might have to go with non-crap ornamentation next year.

In other news my flowerpots and garden beds stink this year, with the exception of geraniums and fushias in the deck pots and roses and day lilies in the yard. To compensate, I’ve hung a piece of plastic crap from the umbrella. Now the lookyloos have something to see when they stand and gawk over here.

I gave him an outdoor bath this weekend and now all he does is stare at anything to do with the  hose in hopes of getting squirted again.

Here’s a dog picture.


6 thoughts on “Orange Car

    • I’m trying to put the burden of avoidance onto pedestrians and other drivers. With a bright color and one of those backing-up beepers like the garbage trucks have, everyone should have plenty of warning that I am moving.

  1. Ancient urban legend had it that brightly colored cars are ticketed more frequently since they catch the attention of the authorities more easily.

    No two ways about it – Honda has a very limited color palette. But having spent several years driving a Ford Blivet I will put up with Honda’s limited color selection.

    • Orange is the color of choice for al Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development vehicles. Maybe they have surplus paint – hell, you could even paint the dashboard of your CRV.

  2. Stedman just slays me. That dog has PERSONALITY. I can feel it from out here. He’s awesome. OK, not much of a comment, but I tried. I did try.

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