Car Talk Updated

Of course. I just got a message from myself that let me in on why I’m so obsessed about car colors.

Dragnet. And Adam-12.

These two shows, of which I watch at least one episode most weekday evenings, are filled with those luscious land ships from the late 60s. AND they all have dashboards, steering wheels and vinyl upholstery that matched the exterior color. Blue, green, maroon, brown, even white*.

I guess I’m jealous.

Also, it’s very obvious that Jack Webb had a deal with Ford Motor Company. It’s rare to spot a car that’s not one of their products. Two interesting notes:

  • Officers Malloy and Reed drove exactly the same police car as Officers Griffith and Fife. They are contemporaries.
  • There’s a pea green mustang that shows up in almost every Adam-12 episode I’ve seen so far. You would think they’d try to hide such a distinctive vehicle but it’s always fairly prominent.

Remember when Dr. Joyce Borthers skyrocketed to fame by going on a TV game show as an expert in boxing? In a different time and a different place, I think I could have used the same tactic as an expert in Mark VII productions. I should brush up on Emergency!

*This could pass for dialog of Dragnet episodes about hippies and drugs. Must be accompanied by mute headshaking.

4 thoughts on “Car Talk Updated”

  1. Now be careful, Suzette. I see you going down a slippery slope. Listen up:

    My dad owned a trailer park when I was growing up, and one of our beloved tenants, Andy, was very color coordinated. He drove a pale mint green car, and ALWAYS wore a pale mint green suit with matching shirt, tie, and vest. His trailer had mint green stripes and detailing. I never went inside, but my guess is, the furniture and carpet were…green. I don’t recall seeing his wife much, but my memory of her is in shades of…green.

    Be careful to not go all trailerpark~y like that. It starts with the car, and goes downhill from there. Like getting all high on crack…then losing your teeth. Or something like that.

    I’m sorry….what were we talking about?

    (I’m being silly…but the story about Andy being green is totally true.)

  2. Check the closing credits and you will probably find the line “Vehicles Provided by the Ford Motor Company.” (In general, it is always a good idea to study closing credits on any show you are obsessed with.) Such deals saved on production costs and provided Ford with advertising.

    The Best. Movie. Car. Chase. Ever. occurs in the 1968 movie Bullitt, where Steve McQueen does his own stunts in a Ford Mustang GT pursuing a Dodge Charger 440 Hemi through the precipitous streets of San Francisco and into what would later be known as Silicon Valley. Over the years I noticed a bright green VW Beetle is in quite a few of the shots, indicating they set up multiple cameras and edited the simultaneous footage into a sequence.

    Webb probably had 4 cars that he just moved around and shot from different angles.

    The McQueen Mustang was, BTW, “Dark Highland Green”. (Did I say “obsessed?”)

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