It Kind Of Sneaks Up On You

… and then one day you realize that you know a lot of women named Tabitha.

Parents should consider their daughters’ future career path before selecting this name. “Meet our new VP, Tabbie”.  Not happening.

The internet says that this is a biblical name* that means “gazelle”. The internet does not say that this is a Bewitched name. But you know it is. Let’s turn to science shall we?

You can’t argue with science. Well, you can but you’d better not be dumb if you try it.

How do you express this chart? Is it that in 1966 (1) in every 180 people were named Tabitha? That doesn’t sound right. Or it is that Tabitha was ranked at 180 in popularity? I don’t know. The graphs seem to support my position but I’m not sure how to express what they are telling us. (Maybe this is how AGW got started.)  But however you read it, you can clearly see that Tabitha zoomed to its highest popularity in the US in the mid-to-late 60s. Canadians have a ways to go to catch up with the Tabitha trend.

* Yeah. I don’t know. I had a bible once and I don’t recall any Tabithas in it. Of course as a Catholic we didn’t actually read the bible for ourselves. We were told the things we needed to know. Apparently the priests and nuns didn’t see fit to inform us that Peter raised people from the dead too. This is news to me and frankly it sounds a little sketchy.


5 thoughts on “It Kind Of Sneaks Up On You

  1. Nuns were mean, swacking fingers at will and those stares! I was convinced I was headed to a fearsome trip to Hell and had no redeeming features that God would appreciate. Mean b*tches.

    There’s probably a trip to Hades in my future, but not because I liked chewing gum or got caught passing notes to Frankie.

  2. Tabitha is another language from the way the name for Gazelle is in the Bible.
    There it is Dorcas.
    I know this because we had a very sweet and graceful cat who we thought long and hard about what to name her.
    A sermon mentioned Dorcas and what it meant and that’s what we named her.
    Yes, it translates into Tabitha.

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