It Is Balloon

Nashville airport its celebrating its 75th anniversay and they’re doing it by hanging balloons all over the terminals. Most are a kind of attractive arrangement strung through the terminal halls of one big white ball surrounded by colorful little balloon balls. It’s hardly worth mentioning those because of the main installation over the ticket counters of a half-scale model of a DC-3 made out of 20,000 helium balloons. Article here with video.

How would you like it if you were all sweaty at 6:45 in the morning riding an escalator that you have been on a hundred times before just trying to get yourself together and you look up and see this thing coming over the guard rail?

I was wrong when I told my twitter friend that the paper propellers were lazily turning. Apparently the design has built in engines to turn them.

Note: Sorry for the post title. It’s just that some things have been stuck in my head for decades and every now and then they have to surface. Here – you carry it around for a while.


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