Did We Run Out Of Gin Again, BEHbee?

Andy Cohen ruined Bravo. There’s no point in watching it at all anymore. In fact, it’s so badly damaged that they’ll have to just pull the plug on the whole network and restart as something else. It’s just too bad for me that the promos are inescapable and that there’s one sound bite stuck in my head forever. The biggest trashball on any Housewives Of franchise has a young boyfriendnowfiance that calls her “baby” all the time. Only he pronounces it BEHbee.

BEHbee. I can’t get it out of my head.

Maybe I’ll start addressing Sami that way in our real-life production of Real Lower Middle Class Housewives of Central Jersey:

“Say, BEHbee – have you checked out this week’s Shoprite Flyer?”

“Are those your socks on the floor, BEHbee?”

“Finish this creamed spinach BEHbee so that I can wash the dish.”

Maybe if I own the word, I can get it out of my head.

3 thoughts on “Did We Run Out Of Gin Again, BEHbee?”

  1. You must be referring to Eddie, with that big phony smarmy smile… what is his real agenda, joining the filming so eagerly as soon as he started dating trashball er I mean Tamra?

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