HEAD-ON! Apply directly to the forehead!

I was wondering about this just the other day. for all the miles of video footage of The Coolest President Ever that exists, why haven’t we seen any trips falls or stumbles? And now, here it is.

Question: Is this the first time this type of incident has been caught on film or is this the first time the press has released it? Either way, this is a stronger indicator me for me that Obama is going to be a single-term president. If he makes it that long. When they start to portray you as an object of ridicule, dude ….


Obama Stumbles at Campaign Rally


7 thoughts on “HEAD-ON! Apply directly to the forehead!”

  1. I think the media is beginning to realize their crappy revenue is not because people think they’re doing a good job.

  2. With that prancey pony trot he does up and down stairs, I’m surprised he doesn’t do this ever single time. .. then again, maybe he does. Film at 11.

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