Have You SEEN Mika Brzezinski’s Face Lately?

10 Signs Obama Is Sinking:

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When I woke up Morning Joe was playing on the TV. The dog must have stepped on the remote – I can’t imagine any other reason why my TV  was tuned to MSNBC. A panel of guests was praising 41 and making negative comparisons in both personality and morals to Obama. You should have seen the expression on Mika’s face. Obviously someone told her to sit still and keep quiet but she tried mightily to express her opinion. The best I can describe it is as  if her nostrils were stuffed with human excrement and she was sitting in cold pool of someone else’s urine.  I guess that’s what they mean by all wee wee-ed up.


8 thoughts on “Have You SEEN Mika Brzezinski’s Face Lately?

  1. Never fear, there are still plenty of true believers out there.

    I was watching election returns over at Checkpoint Charlie’s house on Primary night and the national cable channels were mostly on about the Wisconsin recall vote. When that referendum was called in favor of the governor by a margin of 20 points, we switched the channel to Rachel Maddow who, with a perfectly straight face said “Overall I think we can still see a positive situation for the Democrats in Wisconsin.”

    (Dead silence followed by raucous laughter.) Charlie DVR’ed it back a few times and, yep, that’s what she said.

  2. My husband has that show on in the morning just to watch liberals meltdown. Mika frequently looks as if she just smelled the burping of an ileostomy bag.

  3. To The Proprietor: Voted for Walker, twice now–no, I don’t see a positive sitch for Dems at all. Not in my little county for sure.

  4. I only watch Morning Joe when Mika is absent. I can’t believe the prducers keep her on this program. She is arroant, ignorant and unprofessional.

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