Immediate Gardening Advice Needed

My sweet potato vine has a flower on it.

In all my years of growing sweet potato vines in flower pots I have never seen a flower or even a suggestion of one.

What the heck is a flower doing blooming here? The fruit and seed of a sweet potato vine is the sweet potato which is in the dirt end of a sweet potato vine. And truth be told you can’t even count with certainty on finding sweet potatoes in the pot at the end of the season. It’s just a vine.

The flower bloomed yesterday and here it is the next morning after being rained on twice so it’s a little bit collapsed. It was kind of a petunia looking thing. I should have taken the picture when I first noticed it and the blossom was in its prime but frankly I had other things to do.

I find this very troubling.

I have challenged myself to write without commas today. Did you even notice? Do you even care?

Also the President of the United States of America made public joke about the sexual activity of his wife and the limits to which she will go. Can we all agree now that he is a person of low moral quality and not suitable for the office?

UPDATE: 6:43 pm Sun is shining onto places it hasn’t shined onto in the whole of the time we’ve been living here. I hope it makes the mildew on the siding go away.


5 thoughts on “Immediate Gardening Advice Needed

  1. I don’t know much about sweet potatoes, except I like pumpkin pie instead.

    I’m thinking the President is dangerously close to letting one rip during a new briefing, which will be the cataclysmic end to his political relevance.

  2. Even vines need pollinating.

    POTUS found time to further besmirch his wife but had not a second to mention the anniversary of D-Day, the most significant day in the 20th century. There is truly a divide in this country, and while I think it is mostly economic (as are most things) I am beginning to realize it is cultural and moral as well.

  3. Who can understand MotherNature. We couldn’t get the grass to grow properly in our front lawn so we went to the ugly grey rock “desert landscape”. sure enough, the grass keeps poking through the black plastic and the grey rock in a nasty show of who’s boss of the dirt.

    Bushes bloom, die, bloom as they please. Fruit trees produce then quit or give up pathetic teeny products.
    MomNature rules.

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